For whom does Kabul’s bell ring?for us


There are such incidents.

They reached on tiptoe.

Nietzsche He said they arrived “like pigeons”.

We didn’t hear them coming; we need a well-trained ear to discern behind the “quiet sound of silence”, explode.

For example, it happened in the 4th century BC. C., when the sacred camp of Tebas crushed 400 “equal” Spartans Battle of Leuktra, In Viotia, the death of Lacedaemonic hegemony rang without anyone noticing.

Or in Battle of QueronaThirty years later, this marked the beginning of a decline in the strength of Athens. Or in the little battle of Pidna outside Thessaloniki, it contributed to the disillusionment of Alexander’s dream and the first true victory of the fledgling Roman Empire.

Or in Battle of AdrianopleAt first, it was just a “police” action led by a legion to postpone the ranks of Ostrogoth predators. At that time, no one noticed that this was the first act of the fall of Rome.

I have described this mechanism in the book “Empires and Five Kings” in 2016.
It was launched in the dark but decisive battle of Kirkuk and we see in it Donald Trump Give up Kurdish allies The United States is in Iraq.

This is the same scene unfolding before our eyes, its successor, Joe Biden, Leave another friendly country on the ground,Afghanistan.

A group of Afghans flocked to Hamid Karzai Airport, hoping to evacuate by international flight.



Because a big power is responsible for its allies.

Because, No matter how far Afghanistan and its war are in our view, The images of women, children and men in groups Trying to grab the wing of the plane The Americans leaving Kabul were devastating.

Because the crime is more terrible than in 1975, where did it come from in Saigon, which is considered to be the black dating in the decadent history of the United States? Lyndon Johnson At least he has the respect of leaving, not before, but after he organized 135,000 Vietnamese civilians loyal to the United States to leave.

Because on Sunday, in Washington, the shameful spectacle of the former commander-in-chief of the world power condescending to return to the United States for a holiday. Shelling on TV, As if it were a disaster storyteller, His wonderful performance of hasty and sad evacuation.

Because this is a shock wave that hit Taiwan, the Baltic countries, and the Arab world, and swept people’s confidence in the power, reliability, and value of American discourse.

The victim of the attack on Thursday was outside Hamid Karzai Airport.

The victim of the attack on Thursday was outside Hamid Karzai Airport.


Because there were five other forces who seized this opportunity and tried to fill the void left by this collapse.

Turkey, its president advocates “gradual” reconciliation with the Taliban In his phone conversation with Putin last Saturday.

Putin, Who is with Angela Merkel He allowed himself to lavishly teach “irresponsible” Americans a government class, and he welcomed the “positive signals” sent by the Taliban and their “civilized” behavior.

Change of mind Iran, Although he had a long-term dispute with the Sunni people, but he saw how his foreign minister, Mohamed Yawad ZarifIn July, the Taliban leader Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai attended to celebrate the “failure” of the “Great Satan”.

this Chinese, Its foreign minister, Wang Yi, Meet with Mullah on July 28 Abdul Ghani Baradar, The strongman of the Taliban, the second figure of the current regime.

And of course, Islamic International, Where, behind Qatar With the Muslim Brotherhood, he knows that he is now even in a better position than Mosul or Raqqa, a mature Islamic country, from where it prepares ideology, God bless, and terrorist attacks on shameful democracies.

Of course, history has not yet been written.

The man who made history will never escape the great moment of sudden defeat by the tricks of fate.

I especially want Banshir, Among others Masood, Denying Marx’s repetition of history as a farce, Testify for his father, The hero who was murdered on the eve of September 11: May the West extend a helping hand, for example, may France listen to its calls for help and understand that it is in the valley of hope and freedom. It has passed five revisionist countries And those who continue to oppose them.​​​ Maybe the result will be different.

Ahmad Masud with his troops in September 2020.

Ahmad Masud with his troops in September 2020.

Mark Russell

But for now, this is the situation.

The image of a liberal democracy, Through the most prominent, Seems to be defiled in every corner of the world.

A new order is formed before our eyes. It is the scene of the “great game” in an area that no one ignores. This is the most important.

Moreover, in the roar of the rotor and the clamor for help, we see a paradigm copied by redistributing roles, influence and slander.

If this is true, if the maps of power, influence and alliance are set up like this, then Kabul will become our Pidna or our Queronea: Today, our torment; soon, our regret, soon, our grave.


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