For Vladimir Putin, isolating Russia ‘impossible’


largeThe new coronavirus pandemic “has been superseded by new global challenges that threaten the entire world. I mean Western sanctions fever,” said Vladimir PutinWednesday, September 7, at an economic forum turningAsia In Vladivostok (Russian Far East).He added: “No matter how many people want to quarantine Russia,it’s out of the question.Russian president denounces “Western elite’s stubborn refusal to see the truth” and “US elusive rule” amid tough sanctions after attack on Russia Ukraine since late February. “The entire system of international relations has changed irreversibly,” he noted.

Despite a string of sanctions imposed by the West, Putin insisted that Russia “has not lost anything and will not lose anything”. “There is some polarization, but I think it can only be beneficial,” he added.

Vladimir Putin also believes that the “peak” of economic hardship for Russia caused by Western sanctions following the Ukraine offensive has “passed”, despite logistical “problems” in certain sectors. “We think the peak of the situation has passed. The situation is normalizing. »

Before many Asian economic and political leaders, especially the Chinese, he also praised the Asia-Pacific’s “growing role” in world affairs, in stark contrast to what he described as a declining West. inflation”.

Russia is optimistic about the yuan

In the face of “technical, financial and economic aggression from the West”, the Russian president said he was pleased with the “little distance” of the Russian economy from “unreliable currencies” such as the dollar, euro and pound, especially the yuan.

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On Tuesday, state-owned Russian gas giant Gazprom announced, China Contracts will now be paid in rubles and yuan instead of dollars, a new sign of reconciliation between Moscow and Beijing amid tensions with the West.

“The vast majority of Asia-Pacific countries do not accept the destructive logic of sanctions,” Putin remained satisfied. “Creative partnerships will open up enormous new opportunities for our people,” he said in his speech.

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In addition, Russia’s foreign ministry assured on Wednesday that Xi and Vladimir Putin will meet next week on the sidelines of a regional summit in Uzbekistan. It was the first visit by a Chinese president since the beginning of 2020. “In less than 10 days, our leaders will hold a new meeting at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit,” announced the Russian ambassador to China, Andreï Denissov, according to His embassy forwarded comments to AFP. He added that the presidents of both countries “have a lot to say on bilateral and international issues.”

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