For Bruce Arians, if Tom Brady doesn’t become the MVP, it will be a “parody”.

TOamong most pundits Best Player Award in the 2021 NFL season will compete between Green Bay Packers defender Aaron Rogers and the guy Tampa Bay Buccaneers defender Tom Brady

Green Bay and Tampa Bay ended the campaign with 13-4, the best in the entire NFL, but for the head coach of the reigning Super Bowl champions, Bruce Arians, this is not an equal fight.

Words by Bruce Arians

“I think if he (Brady) doesn’t get it, then it’s a parody,” Arians said on Monday. “Most completions ever, 5000 yards, landings a whopping nine yards. It’s not even a close race for me. “

The Packers will have a farewell week in Wild Card Roundwhile pirates will take Philadelphia Eagles next Sunday, January 16, to start the playoffs to defend his title; The Bucks have never won a Super Bowl in a row.

Brady’s performance at the age of 44 was phenomenal, surpassing the all-time high set by Drew Brees reaching 485 in 2021 up from 471 New Orleans saints the legend reached in 2016.

Big numbers for Tom Brady

In addition, Brady was the leader in four major quarterback categories in the NFL, along with the aforementioned passes made (485), passes attempted (719), yards per pass (5316), and touchdown passes (43).

5316 yards was the third-best result in history after Peyton Manning5,477 points in 2013 and 5,476 Drew Breezes in 2011. Brady and Brice are the only ones to have averaged at least 5,000 yards per pass over several seasons.

“It just shows what his work ethic is, how committed he is to football and how talented he is,” said tight-end Rob Gronkowski. “Just his determination from week to week is just incredible. And it’s just surreal how he handles it at the age of 44 and just walks out here like he’s still 20, just guides the ball, zipping it where it should be. making fantastic shots every week. “

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