Followers of influencer Grace Villarreal are rocking these ballet flats from Parfois


Parfois has influencer Grace Villarreal’s favorite flats, a type of comfortable and most elegant shoe. When it comes to buying shoes, in addition to good heels, we also need flat shoes that will get us out of more than one rush. In this case, we are dealing with a top quality accessory that will accompany us on more than one walk or shopping afternoon this season. If you’re looking for timeless, cheap and beautiful shoes, don’t hesitate, Parfois has flats worthy of an influencer.

Parfois sweeps away the most sought-after ballet flats by Grace Villarreal’s followers

Grace Villareal is one of the fashion influences who have not hesitated to put on a type of footwear that impresses. A similar style is the one copied by his followers, who have not hesitated to go in search of some ballerinas with a beautiful golden tone that will make you fall in love at first sight.

It’s time to get a shoe One of those that we will wear throughout the season and to get it at the best price, nothing better than a holiday to Parfois. There we find some accessories worthy of an influencer at a low cost price. If you want to discover the best apartments of the moment, this model is the one you are looking for.

Ballerinas with a bow are an ultra-feminine classic. If there’s one shoe model that never fails, it’s this type of flats that have become the unburnt base for the followers of one of the biggest influencers of the moment. You can combine them with all kinds of clothes and they will always look good.

They are a flat shoe, but elegant. Perfect if you want to celebrate Christmas or a company dinner where you can’t stop dancing. Your feet won’t hurt and you’ll be able to come home as good as new. It’s time to make up for lost time and to do so, nothing better than a combination of garments and accessories that allow us to reach the top.

The rounded tip allows us to gain some height visually. It will elongate the legs and in this way we will be able to stand out thanks to a type of shoes that will impress more than one person. You can get the perfect Parfois flats for almost the entire year. You can wear them with a thick sock or without anything, depending on the season you decide to wear them.

Gold is a timeless color and these flats are a real bargain that you will love wardrobe base for only 15.99 euros. Get them before they run out.


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