FOG – La Nupes, this new rancid France

One National Renaissance Council
– Contrary to the 2017 keyword “revolution” – this is the new grand designEmmanuel Macron. A copy of the National Council of Resistance, in releaseunder the leadership of the general.

Jupiter descends among us and transforms into Gaia, Earth Goddess: In this second five-year term, so there will be no question of revolution, as we have confirmed in the last five years, this is the best way to not have reform!

Meanwhile, it stinks: The “revolutionary” populace is back and intends to make laws, just like in 1793. Faced with the state of disintegration of the country, we say to ourselves that it would be better if Macron baptized the National Committee for his new marketing business. Have…

Illustration: Dussau of Dot

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