Floyd Mayweather Jr tragedy: friend and relative of girl found dead after possible suicide in her apartment


Jarrett Johnsonwho excelled in college sports was found dead in an apartment owned by Floyd Mayweather Jr. with whom he had a good relationship. Although nothing has been confirmed, there is talk of a possible suicide.

The death of Johnson, who was also related to Money Mayweather’s girlfriend, Jamie Lynnand who was the athlete who excelled during college was announced today.

What is known about the death of Jarrett Johnson?

Johnson’s apparent suicide occurred earlier in the week, according to TMZ Sports, after he was discovered by a friend in las vegas condominiums belongs to a former boxer.

Johnson, 24, was discovered by a friend who came to the apartment around 4:40 p.m. on August 22 and, after finding Jarrett, called 911 for help, “but when the police responded, Johnson was dead. Sources say Jarrett died by hanging.“, the release says.

It is unknown if Jarrett Johnson was living at the time of the incident in an apartment owned by what was considered the world’s greatest boxer.

Johnson was an outstanding student athlete.

In his career on Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri, Jarrett Johnson excelled as a football player; he was an all-conference quarterback in high school and All-Region Southeast Missouri Athlete of the Year. In college I played in different positions.

In some photos, he appears with Floyd Mayweather, with whom he is said to have had a good relationship, so the former boxer is very touched by the death of Jarrett, a young man who joins another tragedy in his family, as his brother Justice was killed when he was only 18 years old, in 2019.


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