Florida governor enacts legislation to end Disney World’s vantage point


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a law on Friday, which will take effect in June 2023, removing a favorable status enjoyed by the Disney World park, its owner having defended certain progressive themes not appreciated by elected Republicans.

With the special status granted in the 1960s when it built its entertainment complex near Orlando, Disney was exempt from most state regulations and guaranteed some basic public services, such as garbage collection, firefighters or water treatment. Some elected officials worry that revoking the status will result in a transfer of debt to local governments.

downgrade relationship

Relations between Mr. DeSantis and Disney have soured recently as Disney Chief Executive Bob Chapek spoke out against a law being pushed by the governor that would prohibit teaching elementary school students related to sexual orientation or gender identity. suject.The text was nicknamed by its opponents “Don’t Talk About Gay” (“Don’t talk about homosexuality”).

Initially, Bob Chapek was reluctant to comment on the text, according to a leaked internal memo.Disney employees then demonstrate against“indifferent” Groups and calls for a boycott began circulating on social media, eventually leading the CEO to come out against the law.

“You’re a Burbank, California-based company, and you’re using your financial muscle to attack parents in my state. We see this as a provocation, and we’re going to fight it.”, Mr. DeSantis said Friday when he signed the text. The Disney theme park near Orlando is one of the most visited in the world, and the Disney brand remains an American favorite.

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