Florentino Perez’s reaction to signing Cristiano Ronaldo went viral


Cristiano Ronaldothe future remains a big topic of discussion, given Manchester United will not be in Champions League this season.

While several teams were reportedly considering a move for the striker, none of them made a concerted effort to sign the 37-year-old.

Ronaldo was associated with moving to both Real Madrid and Atlético Madridalthough MARCA has noted on several occasions that neither side is interested in a five-time Ballon d’Or winner.

However, some Los Blancos fans would love to see Ronaldo back side.

A small group of fans stayed at the same hotel as the European champions in Helsinki and their voices were heard when Florentino Perez passed by.

The group asked Perez bring Ronaldo back to the club, with the president seemingly ignoring their first attempt.

However, after asking a second time, Perez finally turned around.

“Who?” he replied, and then caustically added: “Cristiano? Again? He is 38 years old.”

Cristiano’s case continues

Since its future is still undetermined, it is not clear where Ronaldo will play this season. United are adamant and counting on him this season, but the lack of football in the Champions League raises some questions.

What is almost certain is that the return to RealMadrid not on the cards.


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