Florentino and Laporta: the closest enemies


HOURas if RealMadrid Fan take it if they found out that Florentino Perez helped Barcelona sign Robert Lewandowski?

Every day fans quarrel in bars and fight on social networks, laughing, joking or insulting each other at any opportunity.

And yet the European Super League united rival presidents Perez as well as Joan Laporta to a strange degree. But surely they both have a motivation that goes beyond what is now obvious.

There is a company called Key Capital owned and run by two good friends. RealMadrid The president: Borja Prado (former president of Endesa) and Anash Lagari.

The latter, a native of the banking world, is almost like a godson Florentinedue to father’s relationship. Anash was appointed general secretary of the Superleague and recently registered in the Commercial Register.

Key Capital was responsible for securing television revenue for the Super League.

Sixth Street Investment Fund came to RealMadrid with Key Capital to increase the operating income of the Santiago Bernabéu stadium and thus finance the billions of dollars spent on the construction of a new state-of-the-art stadium.

Sixth Street received 30 percent of the refurbished Bernabeu’s operating income from the club over 20 years.

This is also leverage, but leverage is good when you use it to increase income rather than pay off debt.

Ace Barcelona were about to sign with CVC, but Sixth Street showed up out of the blue. It is clear that the club needed much more than the CVC offered – as many as three CVCs to recover.

Under this deal, the Catalan giants would have received 270 million euros for 10% of their 50-year television rights.

And they did not even have the freedom to spend this amount – they had to use 70% for stadium or sports city work, 15% for debt repayment and only 15% remained for transfers.

However, they gave up 25 percent of their Sixth Street television rights—more than twice what they would have lost to CVC—and only sold them for 25 years.

But if Barcelona if they had signed with the CVC they would have had to drop the Superliga – the CVC wanted to make sure the club did not reserve their best players for the Superliga to the detriment of LaLiga Santander.

The reality is that it was Perezfriends who gave RealMadridthe most hated rivals find funds to buy the best striker of the last decade in Lewandowski. Perhaps the clubs are closer than we think.


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