What are the Five Main Categories of Cosmetic Products?

Cosmetic Products

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There is no doubt in the essentiality of an ideal packaging for every product industry; yet, in some businesses, the significance of packing is paramount in driving major benefits. Cosmetics is one of those industries where nice packaging can do wonders for business progress. The cosmetic industry is certainly one of the most flourishing product industries in the world. We see a range of beautiful cosmetic boxes in the market and every makeup brand comes up with its own customized packaging to stay at the top.

As big as the cosmetic industry is, so is the extent of variety, innovation, and perfection in the designs, value, and quality of the products & services. Being in this business, therefore, requires you to pay special attention to designing cosmetic product boxes. If you are new in the market, we bring you this amazing guide about the five different categories of cosmetic products and how you can design a perfect packing for them. But before that let’s take a look at the importance of cosmetic product boxes wholesale for your business.

Why Packaging Is an Essential for Cosmetic/Makeup Products?

Cosmetic boxes play an equally significant role in augmenting the value of your product as their quality of manufacture. Since it is one of the most lavish and glamourous industries, every aspect of it has to be impeccable. It is one of the most thriving industries and attracts varied audiences from across the world. Customers, today, are much more vigilant in choosing the best products out of all.

Cosmetic product boxes are, evidently, the main tool in dragging more people because they tend to attract or repel customers, depending upon their designs. Everything else is secondary, it’s the cosmetic packaging that holds utmost primacy for your business growth because it is the first thing that your customers see. Also, it is necessary to protect your products because cosmetic products are, generally, more prone to damage.

Moreover, customized cosmetic product boxes wholesale, are also important to keep up with the exquisiteness of these products. These glitzy products need to pack within alluring packages to enhance their appeal and worth.

Five Main Categories of Cosmetic Products

The cosmetic industry is one of the fast-growing industries of the world and there has been a huge increase in the use of cosmetic products over the past few decades. Plus, organic and herbal cosmetic products have also risen too much popularity, lately.

As the cosmetic industry caters to a lot of purposes, providing a range of products, they are all divided into mainly five categories to make it easy for the customers to choose accordingly. Have a look at those five categories:


It includes a wide range of products that is specifically regarding improving and beautifying your skin. This product category comprises the highest share in the cosmetic industry, as they are in great demand. The products are classified according to the skin needs that they cater to, for instance, there are moisturizers, creams, body lotions, body oils, serums, etc.  face facial


Apart from flawless skin, another main aspect that enhances your beauty is long and strong hair. Keeping this factor in mind, this category comprises special cosmetic products that are designing for dealing with different hair problems. These are also differentiated depending upon their purpose like there are essential hair oils, conditioners, shampoos & so much more.

Face care:

The category, comprising of products specific to use for face only is regarding as the facecare range. It is also a major sector in the categories of cosmetic products since people are utmost conscious of having a beautiful face and, therefore, always look for such products. It includes facewashes, face creams, masks, scrubs, cleansers, sunblocks, or toners. kashees makeup

Personal Care:

Personal care is a category that is designated for the cosmetic products of overall use, i.e., your overall body hygiene or beauty. There has been a major increase in the demand for such cosmetic products as essential for keeping good body hygiene. This includes a wide range of products, from toothpaste, mouthwashes to body washes, soaps, etc.


Lastly, the fifth category of cosmetic products is regarded as products that are aimed at treating various diseases, like, acne. Many of your skin, body, or hair problems do not require beauty products but medications. As the cosmetic industry offers a big range of such products, for example, treatments for acne, pigmentation, or dandruff, this category is totally regarded to it.

How to Choose an Ideal Packaging for Different Categories of Cosmetic Products?

Just like every category of cosmetic products is regarding for a different purpose, so is the case when it comes to their packaging types. As every product is different, the cosmetic boxes intended for their packaging are also required to be different.

It is very important to keep the specifications of your product category in mind before choosing cosmetic product boxes for them, in order to choose the most ideal and complementing packaging for every single product.

You can easily customize cosmetic product boxes wholesale from any of your nearest retailer or packaging manufacturers. So, what are you waiting for?


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