Five differences between Ancelotti and Zidane … so far


09/17/2021 –

Zinedine Zidane studied under Carlo Anchelotti as a coach, the Italian was a clear source of inspiration for him, but despite the fact that they have similarities, Ancelotti shows at the beginning of this season that his real Madrid there are also differences.

It is clear that Ancelotti evolved and no longer looks like Zidane as he once was.

Here we look at five key differences that we saw from Ancelotti until at the start of the 2021/22 season.

Faith in Vinicius

Brazilian winger Vinicius the Younger was often a starter Zidane but he never fully convinced the Frenchman. Now with a new coach, Winnie Jr. looks like a different player.

Although the 21-year-old was still on summer vacation, Ancelotti called him to inform him that he was part of his plans, regardless of Kylian Mbappe came or not.

Vinicius pays for this belief and looks like a more confident and whole player, perhaps freed from the clear support provided by the coach, while Zidane he played with the guillotine constantly hanging over him.

Different players react to different motivation techniques, and Carletto seems to know how to get the most out of them. Vinicius who starts to look like a real star.

Zidane is more firm on the defensive

V ZidaneLast season, even though he left empty-handed, the results were nevertheless remarkable. From February to May, the team lost just one game – at Stamford Bridge – and turned into a solid formation, which, despite numerous injuries on the defensive, proved difficult to break.

Although both Ancelotti and Zidane With a preference for an attacking approach, the Italian still needs to make his team tighter in defense.

Under Zidane, the offensive threat was not so impressive, but real Madrid also less likely to concede. Ancelotti sacrificed control in favor of a more dynamic approach.

Carletto brought back the Pintus

Zidane was the one who originally hired Antonio Pintus fitness trainer, but their relationship soured and he left when Zidane returned for his second responsible spell.

Now Ancelotti brought the Pinto return to action and the results are clear: Los Blancos are more energetic this season, but the injury problems they hoped to reduce remain the same.

Younger and smaller than the old guard

The French coach sometimes puzzled those present at the club with his decisions regarding younger players, and between real Madridpolitics and Zidaneloyalty to the old guard.

The arrival of Ancelotti meant that the team looked younger as the Italian put his trust in the younger players and made it clear that as well Vini Jr, Fede Valverde plays a big role in midfield, where young legs were needed, which, upon arrival Eduardo Kamavinga should also help with.

Italian decision on the pitch Miguel Gutierrez ahead of Marcelo and his position on Eden Azard, no longer untouchable, once again demonstrates his commitment to looking into the future.

The Gareth Bale case

Zidane did not hesitate as soon as he returned to real Madrid: he didn’t want to see Gareth Bale again and he pushed to get him out of the club.

Ancelotti inherited Bale and immediately showed himself ready to give him another shot, which the Welshman began to use before breaking down again with injury.

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