Five Best Flowers That Can Be Used As A Gift


When it comes to gifting, we anxiously decide what to give because not everyone is good with gifts. Especially when there is an occasion when it becomes mandatory to take some gift, we are clueless.

Either we don’t know the person well, or we forgot to buy something priorly, and we have no time to purchase anything. So are you facing the same? No worries, you can always show up with some flowers.

Flowers are one such thing that anyone can never dislike, no matter the age or gender. You can give them to anyone from your closest one to someone stranger.

But it becomes difficult to choose from the wide varieties of flowers available today in the market.

To end this confusion, here are five flowers perfect for any occasion and for gifting anyone. The mentioned flowers have a charming look and sweet scent and have a cultural significance and varied uses throughout the world.

Five flowers are perfect for any occasion and for gifting anyone

#1 Crocus

Crocus flowers are known as the sign of happiness and joy, serving as the perfect gift to make someone happy. The name crocus came from the Latin word crocus, meaning saffron because of the yellow fiber made from it.

These flowers come in different colors of white, purple, and yellow. Crocus flowers are highly used in event decors and even in culinary preparations.

#2 Gardenias

They are known as the natives of china and symbolize peace, joy, and secret love.

Gardenias are very popular in the gardens because of their enchanting sweet smell and beautiful white flowers.

Other than the decor, such as cosmetic and medicinal uses, ample uses have been noticed for its flowers. Used in making perfumes, washes, and added in various food preparations too.

#3 Ranunculus

Ranunculus is also known as Persian ranunculus. This beauty stands for charm and attractiveness. They come in purple, pink, yellow, red and orange. Because of its meaning attached to charm, it’s a most sought-after flower forgiving someone of extreme adoration.

These flowers are used for various spiritual purposes, and medicinal uses have also been noted in treating sore muscles and joints. They are planted worldwide and are gardeners’ favorite due to their magnificent beauty.

#4 Violet

As famously pronounced as Viola, Violet is found all over the world. They are renowned for their heart-shaped flowers and good scent. In Latin, viola means violet color, thus named violet.

These flowers signify truth, innocence, and modesty. In Christianity, they are related to the virgin Mary. One type of viola flower, known as the Viola tricolor, is very famous for its tricolor flowers.

#5 Zinnia

Zinnia flowers are associated with care, affection, and friendship, thus making them ideal for gifting to close friends or family. They come in different shades of purple, pink, yellow, orange, red, and white.

Zinnias are ornamental flowers and can be found in most backyards due to their outstanding beauty. Some zinnia species also have medicinal uses for their antioxidant and antibacterial properties.


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