Fito and Fitipaldis and basic search for nuances


Amen from an outstanding director, Paolo Sorrentino he is an amazing writer. I recommend, with the same fervor with which I celebrate the defeat of Barca, the first novel by an Italian director, Everybody is right (Anagram, 2010). It starts with a long monologue of the character, teacher Mimmo Repetto, who, on his 100th birthday, lists the people and things he hates: “capricious and navel-loving children”, Parisians, blind, “broad.” thinking, tolerant and unbiased. “” Even, – he concludes, – me. Especially me. I can only bear one thing. A nuance. “

TO Fito and Fitipaldis It is often called a monotonous orchestra. Fito Cabrales and his squires are in a sense opposite Enrique BanburyRough, supports a conservative sound discourse, experiences little and takes less risks. He excels at his craft, playing hybrid rock and roll, depending on the touch, with blues, rockabilly, ballad, jazz or pop. And while there has been an obvious musical and lyrical evolution since former Platero y Tú vocalist published in 1998 Behind closed doors, and especially since he included a guitarist in his squad Carlos Raya, there are no traumatic swings, unexpected winks or new open paths in his discography.

But, if the listener goes in search of a nuance, he will appreciate it already in his penultimate album. Running away from me (2015), the Basque composer deepened his intimacy and his shadow with a more severe, wrinkled and hopeless look in his songs. A more furious, bitter, persistent howl. And this personal gravity, this feeling that “it might be too late to start” because “it might have been too late from the very beginning”, this fight with demons me, increased in his new LP, Every time a corpsepublished last Friday, prepared by the aforementioned Raya, and it will serve as bait for – finally – the celebration tour in 2022

The sonorous wine that Fitipaldi serves in his latest works is calm, strong and sober. The album begins with a piece that gives it the title: “Hey, who see me, / tell me who I am.” In “Every time corpse” there is a kind of identity search resigned: “I was never what I could not be / and it could happen that I was only what I was capable of.” The speed increases with the “Hermetic Sky”, with a very Jay Jay Cale and the rhyme chorus esdrújula. In the kindest “Ghosts” there is a hint of Sabinaand “Point blank” is a furious song for true love, as is the more relaxed version of “Transporte”. Jorge Drexler and how the album is finished. “Words are burning”, a bluesera ballad, may be the fragment that concentrates the essence of the work: “I was wrong for half my life / and now I sit in the middle of the road / when I sing, I don’t do” I don’t know if I want to confess / or I don’t care “.

In short, seven years later, Phyto and Fitipaldis published album more than wonderful, with musical and poetic contentand this, as noted, will be celebrated with a series of concerts across the nation’s geography – no doubt they have some of the best live performances in the world -. In To Die Singing, Cabrales sings: “This land is cold and gray / but it will already flourish. / I know that for happiness / you have to try to look like her. ” Apparently, he stopped doing it on his albums, but as long as he continues to give birth to good songs, from an artistic point of view, what’s the difference?

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