First Wives Club Season 3 Released on BET+


First Wives Club Season 3 will air on BET+. The First Wives Club series starring Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton and Bette Midler has been compared to the popular movie The First Wives Club.

While the main focus of the movie is on married men seeking revenge against their unfaithful ex-husbands, the focus of the television adaptation is on ladies trying to navigate their difficult partnerships and even now dating.

In addition, the events in the presentation offer a different cultural perspective. First Wives Club Season 3 of this series will begin on the BET streaming platform on November 17, 2022.

First Wives Club returns for Season 3 as the trio face brand new challenges with Jill Scott (as Hazel) and Michelle Buteau (as Bree).

Bree has a new sense of adventure and takes herself on extreme travels; Jayla struggles to establish herself in her new job; and Hazel dedicates herself to working at the music company Ladies First, where she only battles a newly democratic Regina (Deborah Cox).

As females deal with exes, new coworkers, and changing power relationships, they learn to negotiate their feelings of abandonment to determine what really matters to them.

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First Wives Club Season 3 Plot Details


The ladies of the series began to take responsibility for their turbulent romantic relationships and difficult career lives in season 2. Bree and Gary struggled to rekindle their relationship as they learned how to rediscover their flow as a couple and cope with the giggling presence of the past. To present.

Hazel is fully committed to Ladies First and teamed up with her partners to get Regina to sign her contract while arranging an extravagant wedding for her young fiancee, Nigel (Keize).

In addition, Jayla appeared as a tough lawyer who offered a new perspective to the group and at the same time put up with Hazel’s wonderful light harassment, who really couldn’t let go of her grudge.

On September 9, 2019, nine episodes of the second season of the series were broadcast on the BET+ video platform. Ten episodes from the show’s second season aired from July 15, 2021.

When the two seasons are combined, the series consists of a total of 19 episodes, each varying between 26 and 31 minutes.

The main theme of First Wives Club is about the first wife, who lives with her husband in a rather big house. She adores both her husband and children, but raising them hasn’t always been easy for her. He has two children, but one of the children is placed in a facility and the other is struggling academically.

For Season 3’s First Lady, things are more challenging as she deals with taking care of her children while trying to work on an entirely new career. It seems that the next season will be better and more comprehensive than the previous seasons.


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