First stumbling block in the divorce negotiation between Ortega Cano and Aldón


New difficulty in the separation process of José Ortega Cano and Ana Maria Aldon. When it seemed that the couple’s divorce was imminent and that things between the two were progressing positively, it seems that the situation between the designer and the bullfighter has become complicated.

Ortega Cano and Ana María Aldón on an outing with their son. /Gtres

As explained by the journalist Paloma Garcia-Pelayo in Ana Rosa’s programthe couple intended to carry out their separation by mutual agreement, with a common lawyer, however, in recent days, a very direct family member -whose identity has not been revealed- is questioning some of the points of the agreement between the designer and the bullfighter, at a time when the situation seemed to be about to materialize.

Apparently, in the last meeting with the lawyer, everything had already been arranged since the only thing that had to be determined was what related to the expenses of the couple’s son. However, there has been a halt in the negotiations due to the requirements of a relative very close to Jose Ortega Cano. This has caused that the divorce has not yet been signed. The last meeting was two weeks ago.

Ana Maria Aldon / Gtres
Ana María Aldón in an image last summer. /Gtres

As the journalist has emphasized, this person has put on the table an issue that has to do with the economic sphere. There has been much speculation about the possibility that Jose Ortega Cano bear part of the expenses of the new life of Ana Maria Aldon, something that she herself has categorically denied. What’s more, she has insisted that in no case will it be like this: «He will not give me anything, I do not ask for anything. He’s not going to pay me any rent. I have two hands and two feet and I will look for my life as I have always done»he said very emphatically a few days ago in an intervention on the program Party. A different issue is what has to do with the child that the couple has in common and that, as it is joint custody, both assume the expenses related to their education and upbringing.

Ana María Aldón and Ortega Cano walking / Gtres
Ana María Aldón and Ortega Cano walking together. /Gtres

Paloma Garcia-Pelayo He has once again insisted that José Ortega Cano is not going to pay for the house in which he is going to settle Ana Maria Aldon Of which, by the way, no more details have been disclosed for now. The designer is trying to be discreet with this issue and she has not said anything other than that she is within a radius of 20 kilometers from her current residence and that she is pending to close some paperwork to settle there. At the moment it is not known how this stumbling block could affect the good relationship that, until now, the couple maintains, which is common to see together in the company of her son.


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