First dates: restaurant says it collects dinosaur footprints


at the restaurant of First dates new singles come every night looking for love. To find out if two people are compatible, something very recurrent is to find out about each other’s hobbies.. One of the guests on Tuesday, December 6 shared one of the most exceptional pastimes ever heard on the show.

Toni, a nurse from Barcelona, ​​explained what her main hobby was before saying hello to Carlos Sobera. “One of my passions is collecting, especially dinosaur replicas, I will have about 400 of them,” said the bachelor.. He has been married for 17 years and then had a relationship of 6. “It’s a strange situation because I haven’t lived alone for 23 years,” he said after explaining that he doesn’t Was single for only 3 months.

Laura, a very smiling woman, was her date. “I have a lot of character and personality. I like to know my weaknesses, my strengths… In this way you can also build a healthier relationship”, explained the woman from Malaga. When they saw each other at the bar, they liked each other very much and both agreed that they had light eyes. “His gaze transmits humility and closeness to me,” she commented.

After long talks and getting to know each other better during which they discovered that they had many hobbies in common, it was time to dance. Despite the fact that it was not Toni’s forte, they started dancing a bachata while laughing. “It’s arrhythmic, but it moves,” laughs Laura. “There was chemistry, physics, natural sciences and everything,” the bachelor later admitted. after the dance and before you toast with your “more dances together” date.

At the moment of truth, the two wanted to have a second date to continue to know each other. “Laura has a lot of love in her soul and it shows in her eyes. I would love to continue seeing her,” he said. For her part, the single woman also agreed: “We found a lot of commonalities and what I like the most is that it conveys a lot of closeness.” Love has finally triumphed First dates.


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