‘First Dates’: A bachelor plays in a surreal conversation with his grandmother


First datesthe most famous restaurant on television, received a new batch of singles last night of November 15. One of the couples was the undisputed protagonist of the evening for his anecdotes and comments.

The first to arrive Program It was Álvaro, 19 years old.. His passion is tattoos and he is starting out in this world. To commemorate the occasion, the bachelor learned that he got a heart tattoo with the initials of First dates. In love, he is simply looking for a girl with whom to have fun and follow him in all his projects. Her date was Antía, 18. The girl assured that what she was looking for was “a cani without a future”. That is, the typical rebellious boy who doesn’t like studying or working. Álvaro stopped being a cani a long time ago, so this information does not correspond to him very much.

As for previous relationships, the Galician said that she only had a relationship of 13 days and that “the first 7 days she did not know that she was in a relationship”. Additionally, he admitted that he doesn’t believe in cuckolding and doesn’t care if his partner is with another person as long as there are no feelings involved.. That’s why he made fun of Álvaro when he told how his ex-girlfriend left him for his best friend when he planned a trip to Paris for the two of them.

The two continued to talk and the topic of travel came up. Antía said that when she was little she went to Tenerife, then the boy had a little mistake with geography. “I have friends who come from Tenerife and now we are going to Mallorca, which is next door,” the student said enthusiastically. Her date joked “next, next…” they weren’t there.

Álvaro was a little worried about open relationships, so he got up in the bathroom to ask his grandmother for advice. Instead of worrying about piercings and Antía’s way of thinking, Antía did something very grandma and has to ask if the girl had eaten well. He also didn’t like the fact that the girl was from Galicia: “Oh, oh… Boy, boy, people there have really bad sex,” he commented.

In the final decision, Álvaro could not accept a second date because he did not agree with the way of seeing Antía’s relations. Although the two liked each other and made sure that if they met in Malaga they would surely have a drink.


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