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7 Tips for Protecting Pets

July 14th, August 15th…and their traditional fireworks! For some of us, this is weird. But for our animals, these sudden lights and deafening noises are a source of stress and seen by them as a hazard that must be avoided…which is why there is a spike in escape during these times.

1- Don’t take him to the shoot

Is your dog afraid of fireworks? Let him stay at home to save him. Out of panic, he may become aggressive or run away. Dogs have the reflex to run in all directions to escape danger: they can therefore travel tens of kilometers to escape this hustle and bustle. Unfortunately, they risked crossing the road and getting hit by a car.

Most importantly, don’t take him away while he’s a puppy: that would hurt him. The masters mistakenly thought that it would be good to get used to it, but they were actually wrong: the dog couldn’t run away when he was on a rope, and he was so fierce that he was not used to it! Dr. Laetitia Barlerin, a veterinarian, warned.

2- Provide him with shelter

The first thing to do is to bring it into the house.don’t limit it to the garden ”, the cultivator continued. Then, let your dog hide…you can even help him by installing his basket in a quiet dark place. Some people feel in the cupboard while others hide behind the toilet Peace of mind…you can also make his transport cage usable: this enclosed and dark place will make him feel safe.

So do cats: Cats know very well where they feel safe: let them go, don’t disturb them. “, recommends a veterinarian.

As for the NACS, they will take refuge in their tiny house. For all the animals in the house,” Remember to close the blinds to prevent them from seeing the lights Dr. Ballerin added.

3- Leave him alone

If your dog is afraid, he will seek to isolate himself. See it without discomfort. Avoid talking to him or hugging him calmly: This attitude convinces him that his worries are right.

Do your thing and let him know the sound isn’t disturbing.

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