Finto vs Juan Ortega: art heads-up near Cordoba


When Daniel Luke became the first winner of the competition Seville Fair and his supporters carry him on wings through the Prince’s Gate Maestranza from Seville last Thursday, May 28, 134 km from there, in a straight line, one of the bravo ranchers’ favorite agricultural work was completed: the test.

estate Caprice has been in the hands of the same family, the Centeno Guerra brothers, since 1898. their grandfather, Antonio Guerra Bejaranobrother and banderillero of the famous Cordovan bullfighter Raphael War little war, purchased it a year before retiring along with a wild cattle ranch and farmland, and when he died in 1917 his widow took over until 1925 when he sold the wild cattle. The grandchildren of Antonio Guerra in 1987 decided to continue their grandfather’s passion and bought cattle from the bullfighter in the encaste of Villamarta. John Anthony Ruiz Spartacus and in the late 90s they got rid of this insert to bet on Domec with cattle from Salvador Domec. At this ranch, El Guerra gave away his last muletazos, helping his brother in the selection, as the main figures of bullfighting do today. He also spent Joselito Rooster heads-up in April 1914.

Wild cows graze in El Capricho

The path through the farm goes up through the pasture, leaving the stream on the left to a square with a tent that resists the wind. The height of the wall means that on this spring day, when a few drops of rain fell at some point, there is no storm felt inside. Cordoba in the distance, and on clear days in the Sierra Nevada. They are barely 10 kilometers from the capital of Cordoba. The neighborhood is a celebration of greenery and flowers this late spring among the oaks. The image is bucolic. Also, along the way you will meet wild cows, it is better not to go too fast and watch them peacefully graze with their calves. Meek cattle and the rest of the brave are on another site of this farm with an area of ​​more than 600 hectares.

Juan vs Juan, Finito vs Ortega

John Serrano Finito de Cordova he is not going to fight in the arena Caliphs at the next Fair of Our Lady of Health. The bullfighter, who last year celebrated 30 alternatives in his arena, will not step on the Córdovan albero and will fight in Peru these days at the end of May. LD. The Seville bullfighter from Triana will also not do pasaillo. John Ortega, who studied agricultural engineering at the University of Córdoba and completed the bullfighting school in Córdoba. In Los Califas, he made his debut as a novillero in May 2011.

“Finito” stops the cow

They both already knew the El Capricho estate. Finito is one of the bullfighters who most often, perhaps most often, set foot in Centeno Guerra Square, and Juan Ortega did this when he was a student in Córdoba. In those years, he had already begun to attract the attention of Cordoba fans and in September 2014 took the alternative in Pozoblanco from the hands of Enrique Ponce. A novillero joined the two bullfighters. Xavier Moreno lizard who will take the alternative at the bullfighting arena in Los Califas on May 22 at the hands of Alexander Talavant with king of rock as a witness and with cattle Alvaro Nunez Benjumea. In addition, several bullfighters were waiting on the wall, who came out to squeeze the last muletoso out of the cows seduced by the elders.

Juan Ortega is less than a week away from returning to La Maestranza ahead of the fair. will fight with Moorish from La Puebla and Roca Rey – Nuñez del Cuvillo Bull Run on Friday 6 May. One of the best posters in the series. He was last Sunday when the cattle Juan Pedro Domec they ruined the show. On the afternoon of the test, he fought two cows, on which he imprinted his skill and slowness, fighting both the bonnet and the muleta. Some of the sets were very slow and deep, like his bullfighting. He was accompanied by a trusted man, a silver bullfighter. George Fonts.

Juan Ortega, in turn

For those who do not understand the work of brave ranchers, one attempt further tests the cows that will be the mothers of fighting bulls. So the requirement is the most important. Every rancher looks for certain behaviors in these brave mothers that they can pass on to their children. They are tested on a horse several times, at different distances, and then the bullfighter takes a crutch and performs the task as if he were performing in a bullring in front of thousands of people. Finito de Cordovanoted that the work must be taken seriously and not “lose respect” cows That’s why “you shouldn’t let them touch you.” You must think that you are facing a bull to exercise your body and mind when you are in the bullring. Many bullfighters use the ranch to prepare for the season or some big day. To be in shape when you have to dress in light.

Fan Jesús Fernández, along with rancher Antonio Centeno Guerra.

The farmer approved of the four tempted cows. Antonio Centeno, and his nephews, the owners of the El Capricho farm. In his notebook, he wrote down the characteristics of the cattle, and from the top of the paddock he gave orders to the right-handers so that they could show off and demonstrate their courage. At the end, the participants ate and talked about the qualities of the cows and how they felt in front of them. Finite, the oldest on the list, always gave instructions to the bullfighters when they came forward. The teacher didn’t stop teaching them how they should position themselves, the distances, and what they should do once they got the attention of the cattle. Then they ran to be photographed with Juan Ortega.

“Finito” and “Chikilin” fight together again

The list changed the next day. There were still a few cows left to seduce this year, and the ranchers called Julio Benitez, Cordovanlittle son of the 5th caliph of the bullfight and the Seville bullfighter Javier Jimenez. Group joined Finito de Cordovawho was still savoring sets on cattle the day before, Javier Moreno lizardmore bullfighters and retired bullfighters Rafael Gonzalez a little boy, who was persuaded to dare to go to the plaza de tentas and give a few series. singer peel it was torn off the wall to the delight of those present. Later, he realized that he could not help himself because of the sensations he experienced at the sight of the bullfighters, and that this is something that comes from “inside”.

“Finito” fights in front of the bullfighters and some fans

Finito and Chikilin they lived in Cordoba in the late 80s and early 90s. This is one of the strongest novilliero competitions that is remembered in the city of Los Califas. They both remembered it when the test was over, as did the older fans. The youngest could only appreciate it in those few minutes in front of El Capricho’s cows.


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