Fines for unvaccinated: Draghi tightens coronavirus restrictions to free ICU

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Prime Minister of Italy, Mario Draghi, today attested to the latest measures taken by his government to “protect all Italians” to contain the pandemic, as ‘A big part of the problem today is unvaccinated people’, and “avoid the inequalities created by online education”.

Draghi appeared in the media to explain his government’s anti-Covid decisions, some of which were very controversial, such as Back to the classroom face to face waves Mandatory vaccination over the age of 50.

“I apologize” With no explanation given at the time, Draghi humbly declared that it was unusual for a head of government, acknowledging that he had “underestimated” the expectations created by a decree of great social significance.

Draghi relied on ‘data’ to defend his decision after approving mandatory Covid-19 vaccine for people over 50 because Unvaccinated people ‘more likely to get sick’.

Italian Minister of Health, Roberto SperanzaAlso attending a press conference with the prime minister, he said 89.4 per cent of people over the age of 12 had at least one dose of the vaccine, but Unvaccinated people account for two-thirds of all Covid patients in the intensive care unit.

On Monday, new rules take effect (in addition to mandatory vaccinations for those over 50 and in-person return to classrooms), such as Super Green Pass, a Covid certificate required to enter bars, restaurants, museums, theatres, cinemas, gyms or public transport etc. recover). Only those who have recently recovered from the disease are exempt from this new rule.

also, 15 regions in Italy are on yellow alert; The cumulative incidence rate per 100,000 inhabitants exceeds 50 cases, the percentage of hospital occupancy exceeds 15% of available beds, and the ICU occupancy is 10%.

The latest figures released in the trans-Alpine country on Monday reported 1,606 people were in intensive care due to the coronavirus, an increase of 11 from the previous day, while the country notified 101,762 new cases, 227 deaths additional.

The main target of the unvaccinated

One of the most prominent pronouncements of the Italian prime minister’s intervention was his warning against unvaccinated people who he believes are causing “a large part of the problem” in the Italian country.

“We must not ignore Most of the problems we have today are caused by people who are not vaccinatedsaid Draghi. “Countless times, I invite all Italians who have not been vaccinated to do so Because they got the third vaccine. “

“This 2022 is a year to approach wisely, trust, and above all humility”, although “the health and economic situation is very different from last year due to vaccinations. “

Fines up to €1,500

Unvaccinated Italians over 50 to be fined 100 euros Those who try to go to work without getting a piercing will be subject to the following penalties 600 to 1,500 euros, although to enter a store without at least an anti-Covid test, you will have to pay up to 1,000 euros, according to the new restrictions adopted.

From February 15, public and private employees must present enhanced health certificates to get jobs.If not, they will receive Fines between 600 and 1,500 euros.

Schools must be democratic

“Schools are the foundation of our democracy, and they must be protected,” Draghi said. Districts, directors and unions object as they return from in-person classes today, who has warned that online education will be inevitable in the face of a flood of infections produced by omicron.

“The government’s goal is to keep schools open. Look at Inequality when teaching remotely, reflected in the inequalities at the North-South level and haunted them later in their careers,” Draghi stressed.

In your opinion, Young people can ‘eat pizza with friends’ without going to class ‘makes no sense’ Go to the gym anyway,” and stressed that “economic activity continues, but with caution,” as with face-to-face education.

“Our schools have reopened today, just like other big European countries like France, Germany or the UK, with a pandemic situation similar to ours,” he added, ensuring that schools in Italy were suspended for an average of 65 days due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s been 27 days since the richest country in the world.

“Consensus” to fight the virus

Draghi made it clear before the press conference Will not answer questions about the upcoming presidential election of the RepublicThe stance that bears his name has defended the government’s unity in the management of the pandemic, despite the coalition’s divisions on issues such as mandatory vaccination of the entire population.

far-right La Liga, by Matteo Salvini, has been opposed to this situation, defended by other forces such as the Democratic Party (PD, center-left).

“When these types of measures are approved, they try to seek consensus,” Draghi said, ruling out “obstacles” on all sides at some point since his executive took office in February 2021.


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