Fines for smoking outside Scottish hospitals become law


Fines for smoking outside Scottish hospitals become law

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Smoking is now banned within 15m of Scottish hospital building

Now, new legislation bans smoking outside hospitals.

Anyone caught on fire within 15m of a Scottish hospital building could be fined up to £1,000.

The rules, which became law from Monday, apply to all NHS hospital facilities used to treat and care for patients.

The new rules follow a voluntary smoke-free policy introduced in hospitals in 2015 and are the latest move by the Scottish government to create a smoke-free Scotland plan by 2034.

If the case goes to court, fines for new offences will range from a fixed penalty notice of £50 to a maximum of £1,000.

The rules apply to NHS hospital facilities used to treat and care for patients, including a ban on smoking under overhangs.

Sheila Duffy of Ash Scotland hopes this will prevent tobacco smoke from being inhaled through windows, doors and vents.

She told BBC Radio’s Good Morning Scotland: “It affects the blood, it affects the lungs, it prevents people from recovering and that’s what they come here to do.

“There are newborns and sick people in hospitals and this measure aims to create cleaner air for their stay and to ensure they come out as healthy as possible.

“It’s a toxic substance. It’s preventable and not a welcome addition to hospital indoor air. »

She also hopes the prospect of fines will inspire people to change their ways.

“Fines are definitely a last resort and I think if we get any fines it will be a failure,” she said. “We need people to understand and respect that because they have internal constraints.»

Hospital authorities, already charged with enforcing indoor smoke-free legislation, will implement the new rules.

Environmental health officials may be required to intervene and issue fixed penalty notices if problems persist at the facility.

Public Health Minister Maree Todd said: “Everyone knows smoking is bad for our health, and hospital patients in particular should be protected from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke.

“This new law is the latest in our bold plan to make Scotland smoke-free by 2034, building on our dedicated smoking cessation services and early interventions to prevent young people from fully forming the habit.

“Anyone who wants to quit smoking can contact NHS QuitYourWay Helpline Or talk to their local pharmacy to discuss the range of aids available. »

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