Film masters. How to be a teacher and not die trying


Now that the school year is about to begin, here are some film recommendations for teachers on pedagogical values. According to some studies, 12% of primary, secondary and bachelor’s teachers suffer from the so-called burnt out teacher syndrome, physical exhaustion and emotional imbalance as a result of interacting with students (53% are on the verge of a nervous breakdown). ). And the fact is that communication with people is tiring. Hell is other people, Sartre declared (a specialist in creating other people’s lives, not exactly heaven). And if the rest of the teenagers are energetic and talkative by nature, then we may find ourselves in the last circle of hell. In order to transform the learning experience from bottomless to heavenly, these films, through example and imitation, can serve as a guide, stimulus and source of models and fruitful discussions about this fantastic work that is to instruct, teach and, if appropriate, educate.

"faceless man" Mel Gibson

one / ten

“The Man Without a Face” by Mel Gibson

faceless man. In 1993 Mel Gibson He made a spectacular first film, playing a professor with a burnt face, lonely and about whom everyone suspected the worst. However, a child with a learning disability trusted him. Zero sentimentality and the defense of conservative pedagogical values: effort, merit, discipline and a shovel for digging holes in order to study mathematics and bury ignorance and demagoguery.

two / ten

“One More Round” by Thomas Vinterberg

In this era of burnt-out teachers, Dane Thomas Vinterberg created this apologia for creativity, dissent, and the joy of teaching, using the flask as a metaphor. Refrain from abstinence.

"Socrates" Roberto Rossellini

3 / ten

Socrates Roberto Rossellini

All of us who teach are the heirs of the Athenian philosopher and his method of teaching through dialogue and empathy. Rossellini dedicated one of his educational films to Socrates. Two thousand five hundred years later, and thanks to a plethora of digital tools, nothing can replace the word “teach.”

"The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" John Ford

four / ten

“The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” by John Ford

Best Political Film, Best Ethical Film, Best Romantic Film. And, of course, the best educational film. James Stewart hits back at Liberty Valance by teaching children, adults, black people to read about freedom and justice, order and progress… John Ford was a Master in every sense of the term.

5 / ten

“This land is mine” by Jean Renoir

Charles Laughton is a timid and cowardly teacher who falls apart when it comes to fighting the Nazis. Jean Renoir confronts the dictatorial figure of Hitler, Laughton’s educational emblem. Before the Fuhrer Teacher.

6 / ten

“Chariots of Fire” by Hugh Hudson

In the film about runners, the protagonist is professional coach Sam Moussabini. While it is true that what Nature does not lend, Salamanca does not lend, it is also true that Salamanca can stretch what is given by the innate to crossing limits that have not been imagined. Let the Spanish national basketball team, led by Scariolo and Rudy Fernandez, be told about it. Hudson’s direction is measured, Vangelis’ music is superb.

The Quiet Revolution by Lars Kraume

7 / ten

The Quiet Revolution by Lars Kraume

Why did the German communists build the Berlin Wall? This film shows how some Berlin students defy communist indoctrination in the GDR by showing solidarity with the Hungarian revolution by holding a moment of silence at the beginning of classes. So much for the educational inspectors who act like political commissars and cowardly teachers. Alberto Garzón, the communist minister, who was photographed wearing an RDA tracksuit, and his allies abstained.

eight / ten

“Class Enemy” by Rock Beechek

AT class enemy, a new temporary German teacher who replaces the typical cold-blooded and dynamic project teacher, insists that his students read Thomas Mann or Kafka, and does not replace lessons with homeopathic psychological counseling. This perfectly illustrates the teacher’s professional qualities, nothing to do with the mixture of billiard performer and “attentive” “coach” that the Dead Poets Club sold, repeated in the media and even reproduced in teacher centers.

Stanley Kramer

9 / ten

Stanley Kramer “RPM revolutions per minute”

A progressive professor challenges the indoctrination imposed by progressive students in the US, seduced by “politically correct” mantras and turned into a far-left student inquisition. From those aggressive tings to the current sectarian eskrahs. Stanley Kramer brilliantly analyzes this phenomenon, and Anthony Quinn, with passion and courage, embodies the desperation of a teacher frustrated by some students who are fanatical about “repressive tolerance.”

"Top Shooter: Maverick" Joseph Kosinski

ten / ten

Top Gun: Maverick by Joseph Kosinski

The one who is worth something is worth and, moreover, is the best teacher, because he teaches by personal example and takes risks in front of his students. The best film of 2022 is also a demonstration of how to maintain credibility in “colleagues” with students. And how not to be a professional education teacher to become a teacher




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