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Fildena Super Active; Super Power to Men

Fortune Healthcare produces several medications to help men overcome the effects of impotence. When you ingest the capsule, it dissolves quickly. Fildena Super enhances its ability to treat erectile dysfunction.

About Fildena Super Active

fildena super active 100mg of soft gel tablet containing Sildenafil. Urologists prescribe it to men who are unable to obtain erections or who lose erections while having sex. It comes in the form of a tiny green capsule that must be eaten whole with water. Each pack contains a strip of 10 tablets. It is not that different from other fildena 50 medications; it is only that it’s in a coated gel form, which means it dissolves faster than the others.

Works of Fildena Super Active

Sildenafil is the key to this capsule’s success. This chemical promotes vasodilation by allowing cGMP to function correctly. cGMP is a molecule produced by the body that causes blood vessels to relax, allowing blood to flow freely.

When another molecule called PDE-5 is activated, cGMP can’t accomplish its job. Sildenafil inhibits the chemical’s effect for a short time. The final piece of the jigsaw is for him to be physically aroused, with blood injected into his penis, generating an erection.

Sildenafil’s effect on the body might last up to 10 hours before it starts to wane.

Fildena Super Active: How to Use It

Begin by speaking with a medical professional who can analyze your case. The capsule must be consumed at least 15 minutes before intercourse. The suggested time is 30 minutes on average. With around half a glass of water, swallow the gel-filled capsule. It is ideal if you do not eat after taking the medication, but if you must, eat a light meal that’s low in fat.

It would be best if you still had foreplay after taking medicine to get your body and mind in the mood. You will develop a hadron in the process.

Because Sildenafil can stay in the body for up to 24 hours, you shouldn’t take any more until the next 24 hours have passed. Furthermore, it should only be used when you want to have sex.


Impotent guys who have had their problem treated are ecstatic about the results.

Enjoy sex:

Do not you want to enjoy sex once more? Fildena Super Active can help you have regular sex again with erectile dysfunction. Everything else you used to do to have sex will fall into place after the medicine corrects what was inhibiting the erection. You may then reminisce about the excellent moments you had before and have some more.


If you have ED, you are almost undoubtedly unhappy. There might be a gloomy cloud looming over your head. If take treated, ED can lead to unhappiness. You may break free from the grips of despair and live a joyful life with this drug. Sex can be used to help people recover from depression.


Fear of not being able to please a lady might erode your self-assurance. Several males have grown reclusive and have developed a sense of insignificance. You may reclaim your self-worth by addressing the issue that causes you to doubt your abilities.

Reclaim Your Partner’s Intimacy:

Many couples begin to drift apart when a guy cannot obtain an erection. Cuddling or embracing may have become a source of frustration since both parties recognize that penetrative intercourse is hard to achieve. All of that may be changed by taking one pill before getting intimate. Impotence might be an indication of underlying disorders that need to be addressed. When you treat ED, you can better control many of these disorders. Cholesterol build-up in the arteries, for example, may cause your blood to flow poorly. You protect yourself from a heart attack by relaxing blood vessels.

Fildena Super Active is a safe supplement.

Fildena super active 200mg is safe for the vast majority of men with ED. However, your safety is contingent on you following the advice of your prominent health care physician. It’s not merely a piece of paper that your prescription is written on. Follow all of the instructions carefully.

Some medical problems make this drug dangerous to take, while others may need more frequent monitoring. 

The following are some of the persons that may need to take extra precautions:

  • Diabetics and those with cardiac problems.
  • Complications of the liver and kidneys
  • Smokers
  • Alcoholics
  • Those that have malformed penises
  • Anyone who is allergic to one or more of the substances
  • Women who are expecting a child
  • Children

The pharmacist, doctor, or urologist can provide you with further information about the precautions you should follow.


This is a sildenafil dosage of 100 milligrams. When compared to high potency dosages, this medication has no adverse effects. That is why the good news is that there will be no consequences and can be used without any hesitation.  

Get free of headaches.

If you are doubted to have any pill due to headache, you need not worry because this boosting tablet increases your chances of enjoying and surviving.  

Say goodbye to Nausea: 

You may feel nauseous due to your performance stress, but now those days have gone. And this might be caused by anything you ate before came to the situation. It’s also conceivable that you’ll vomit up what you have just eaten.

Light Sensitivity

 Some people develop sensitivity to light due to such meditations. But this is free of side effects. 


Changes in blood pressure might make you feel dizzy for a while, but later, you got normal and can enjoy your time.

At the same time, you may have any side effects due to an overdose or an allergic reaction.

Fildena Primary specialties

  • An erection that lasts a long time 
  • No painful erection
  • No Chest discomfort
  • No Rash and swelling

1- How safe is Fildena Super Active?

This medication is manufactured by a reputable pharmaceutical business that adheres to all drug manufacturing safety regulations. Sildenafil, the active component, is used to treat erectile dysfunction all over the world and has received permission from a variety of regulatory bodies. The medicine should be safe when used by the correct individual and in the proper method. When using the drug, pay attention to the warnings and possible interactions.

2- Will my ejaculation make me hard?

Depending on who you ask, you could get different answers to this question. Even after ejaculation, some guys may be tricky. It’s well known that the prescription hastens recovery, so it’s no surprise that it can also keep you hard after you’ve climaxed. For many women, this is a beautiful thing since it means she may work on her orgasm even after male climaxes. Pain is usually a sign that things are not quite right.

3- Will this medication affect my sperm count?

The majority of this drug’s activity occurs in the walls of blood vessels. Sildenafil has also been tested to see if it affects sperm count, and the results reveal that it does not. You will not have a low sperm count or an elevated sperm count after taking medicine, even if you use it for a long time.

4- Will, my partner, be affected by the drug’s effects when we have sexual contact?

There have been no instances of this happening, but if your spouse experiences adverse effects, it is possible they took medicine. For the drug to be passed to your partner there must be traces of it in your sperm. This medication is taken by mouth and absorbed in the stomach. It’s improbable that it will be passed down via the sexes.

5- Does Fildena Super Active increase the size of the penis?

It’s conceivable that after taking medicine, your penis may appear larger than expected, but this is merely an appearance. What you should know is that the rug permits your penis to expand to its full potential. You may not have had an enormous penis before because there wasn’t enough blood going into it. As a result of the vasodilation caused by this drug, there will be more blood in the penis, increasing the thickness. It had that capability and was only able to attain it due to increased blood flow.

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