FIFA’s controversial message encouraging Argentina


The Fifa arouses suspicion about his favors to Argentina with a controversial message a few hours before the semi-final which will oppose the albiceleste to Croatia. In the official profile of Qatar 2022 World Cup they clearly side with Scaloni’s team, cheering them on with a brief but telling “it’s today”, followed by an Argentinian flag.

In the Spanish account of the contest appears a message in favor of Argentina this only increased doubts about the help that the team led by Messi in this World Cup. Since its debut, the albiceleste has benefited from practically all the controversies that have arisen in its matches, to which are now added some more than suspicious minds.

It must be remembered that Argentina Three penalties were pronounced in his favor, each more controversial, in addition to being forgiven for an obvious fault in his box against the Netherlands and, at least, the expulsion of Paredes. Yet they came to complain about the performance of Mateu Lahoz, that he swept almost all the time in the Albiceleste side, which led to FIFA deciding to exclude him from the World Cup.

The Referees Committee, led by the legendary Pierluigi Collina, he listened to the claims of Messi, who pointed out at the end of the game that “they can’t put a referee like that for these cases, they can’t put a referee who is not up to par” . Although they ruled the game with left hands and avoided inflicting penalties on the Argentines for the semi-finals, they opted for the lesser evil by sending him home after the quarter-finals.

Against Croatia in the semi-finals will be in the spotlight Daniele Orsato. The Italian referee is one of the best braiders in Europe, with more than enough experience in top-flight matches, highlighting the 2020 Champions League final between Bayern Munich and PSG.


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