Fidalgo: 14th Champions League? Everyone in Real Madrid is from another world.

BUTafter eight years at La Fabrica and debuting with RealMadridfirst team Alvaro Fidalgo decided in 2020 to start a new path in Castellón.

After several disappointments, the Asturian went to Mexico. There in american clubI became a fan favorite.

He did not forget about how it all started and spoke about his career in an interview with MARCA.

Looking back, could you describe in one word what it was like growing up at Real Madrid?

A. Hah, very difficult. I always say that at Real Madrid, where I came at 15 and left at 23, I had my adolescence.

It is very, very difficult to get into the first team, only the elite can do it. They are the best in the world. The years in the youth academy were very good, he grew as a person and as a player. I am a footballer and almost everything is due to the training I received there.

Q. What remains of Fidalgo, who went to Castellón?

A. Now a little. I left at 23 without touching professional football. The months there helped me understand how hard it is to leave RealMadridwhen you’re there it’s a bubble.

Question You very briefly coincided with Carlo Ancelotti. What was he like?

A. I didn’t know him, but I know who he is: I was in the stands in Lisbon in 2014 for Decima (the club’s 10th Champions League win).

Question: Where were you in Paris this year when Ancelotti was on the bench?

A. At home, on vacation with friends. One more (winning the Champions League). These people are from another world.

Question: In Valdebebas you were Raul’s first captain. How do you feel about the coach and his Castilla team?

A. That summer, in theory, I was going to leave and in the end Raoul spoke to me; he wanted me to stay and become captain, and in the end the club convinced me.

We had a good season, we grew a lot because Raoul, as well as the legend that he is, is an incredible pro. One of his phrases stayed with me forever: “You RealMadrid players 24/7″.

His philosophy is to live the sport to the fullest, with such high standards, taking care of every aspect on and off the field. This greatly influenced me.

Q. Do you follow Castile every week?

A. Always. There are great players like Charles Doctor as well as Sergio Arribas. They are doing very well.

They were close to promotion places and it didn’t happen because it’s very difficult and they are very young. RealMadrid this is an incredible place for them to grow.

Q. Why did you go to Mexico?

A. In Castellón it didn’t work as we thought, and it worked out what I needed; someone to trust me.

Everything is going well, I’ve been playing for a year and a half and played a lot of games, at my best moment, no doubt. That’s why I said that little was left of who I was one and a half or two years ago.

Q: There are other young Spaniards in Mexico such as Paulino, Jorge Mere and Sabine Merino. Level higher than you think outside?

– It’s normal that this football is not so often seen from Europe, starting with the time difference. But everyone knows that american club is, the biggest team in Mexico.

Here is a different football, but a lot of quality and high level. Football is slower, there are many more duels.

Q. Have you changed your position here, where do you feel better?

A. I was on the left wing, right wing, inside, in a double spin… My ideal position is in a double spin, box to box.

AT Castile, Raoul seated me on the left and said that I would play many matches there in my career. I wasn’t wrong.

Q. Have you written to anyone from Real Madrid?

A. I spoke with the doctor, with Jaime Abascalwe have a good relationship. I also spoke to borgit [Borja Mayoral].

Q. Who do you watch the most?

A. Real Madrid have an impressive midfield. Every midfielder looks at Toni Kroos as well as Luka Modricwhich are incredible.

Que Fede Walde seems crazy to me too. We must learn from all of them.


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