Fever for Zara cologne that has sold out in all stores: it is the perfect clone


Of the wide collection of colognes that Zara has in its catalog, there is one that stands out above all others. This is Vibrant Leather, which is considered one of the best imitations of the famous perfume Creed, from Aventus. Fever for Zara cologne.

But beyond its similarity, today there’s no doubt that it’s one of those perfect all-season scents, a perfect option if you just want an option that works for almost everything.

Trend: Zara cologne fever

An essential part of modern perfumery

It doesn’t matter if you already have several perfumes at home or if you are looking for one to start in this interesting field. Whatever the case, Vibrant Leather is a 100% must-have cologne that will never make you look bad.

This woody eau de parfum or EDP offers an olfactory pyramid that includes bergamot, leather accord and bamboo. It is a very traditional combination in perfumery, but also extremely versatile and attractive.

Zara defines it as a “unique, elegant and long-lasting fragrance” and we couldn’t agree more. A proof of this is its many flanks, as those coming from others in the same family are called.

And since this presentation is 120 ml, you can wear it as many times as you see fit, although it is not as necessary as in other cheap ones because its duration on the skin has nothing to envy the designer.

Fever for Zara cologne that has sold out in all stores: it is the perfect clone

sustainable product

Like many of Zara’s items, this perfume has been created by working together with suppliers, workers, unions and international organizations to achieve a sustainable textile industry.

This colony i specially made in Spain, Although it is marketed worldwide, it is always under monitoring programs to ensure compliance with its social, environmental and safety standards.

Price, shipping and returns

The price of Vibrant Leather, a classic also to give away during the holidays, is only 19.95 euros. We remember again that it is a container of 120 ml and not 100 ml, as in most colonies.

That is, the value of this fragrance for 100 ml it is less than 17 euros, which immediately positions it as one of the most recommended obtainable on the market for this price.

If you buy it, you will be able to pick it up in one of the Zara stores near you in the following days. There is no additional charge for this shipment, nor for its return.


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