Fever for the Bershka coat available in three colors: elegant and warm


These weeks until winter, where we have to seek shelter before the low temperatures arrive, are a challenge for those women who are looking for an option that insulates them from the cold, but looks good. From here we want to help you a little by presenting this coat off Bershka which is in three colors.

It is long with fur details, elegant and warm. It’s one of the most disruptive options we’ve seen in recent times, the undoubted protagonist of this firm’s current catalog and leading one of the most attractive winterwear collections.

The Bershka coat available in three colors

no one will remain indifferent

If anything, this product guarantees you, which on the other hand is in sizes everything from XS to L, is that no one will remain indifferent when they see you go with him and let him fall on top of what you are wearing below.

Fever for the Bershka coat available in three colors: elegant and warm

You can choose between three colors, ranging from versatile black to the most striking pink and beige, two ideal tones if you want to break out of the monotony and give your look some life for the autumn and winter season.

Regardless color its clothes are the samewith a 100% viscose base fabric, added another secondary fabric of 100% polyester as well as the inner lining and a coating made of 100% polyurethane.

Price and shipping

if you want this cover long with hair details, you can get it for 59.99 eurosa cost that is proportional to the quality of the item you are buying, an investment that you will recover quickly because it is made with raw materials and through processes that have exceeded all Bershka standards.

At the same time, it is possible to pick it up completely free of charge through the company’s own stores. Choose only these, and in only a couple of working days it will be there to make it yours. As soon as you are in the store, you will receive a message to your email with instructions that you must follow.

Similarly, you have the return policy to your advantage, as Bershka gives you 30 days from the date of delivery of the order for its free returns both in store and delivery, that is, in one of its stores throughout the country. Before you have to manage it from Return in DropOff, on its website.

There are no excuses not to get this spectacular long coat with fur details.


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