Ferrari explains controversial decision to field Sainz at the French Grand Prix: it would be too risky to continue

ferrari core team Mattia Binotto stood firmly in his position that the team made the right decision by calling Carlos Sainz to the pit stop 10 laps before the start. Formula 1French Grand Prix.

science was called into the pit lane after overtakingSergio Perez for third place. The Spanish rider was not sure if it was the right call and asked to stay on the track.

“No, no, not now,” he said. science.

“I don’t know if it’s the right thing to do.”

Binotto was adamant that ferrari made the right choice for the safety of their driver. science finished fifth behind Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton, George Russell as well as Sergio Perez.

“We don’t just think it was the right choice, we’re pretty sure it was the right choice.” Binotto said after the race.

“At the time, it had a short life due to tire wear, so it would have been very risky to go all the way.

“We don’t think he would have had the pace to fight [for] the second because he had a five-second penalty. Stopping, he drove the fastest lap, which certainly earned a point, so I think it was the safest and most correct decision.

“I don’t think it cost us the place. If he had stayed on the sidelines, I don’t think he would have opened up a gap for the guy behind, so we don’t think he would have had enough time.”

science was one of the few who started on hard tires and switched to medium shortly thereafter. Charles Leclerca crash that caused him to struggle to make it to the end of the race on a set of medium tires.


“With the team, I think this is a typical discussion,” he said. science.

“You are on a deuce, but suddenly you realize that you are P4, P3, trying to reach the end, and the team asks: “Can you reach the end”?

“I’m like, ‘Let me think about it for a bit’ because I need to feel the tires a bit and see what happens. In the end, I was the one who told them ‘I don’t think it’s possible’, but then I passed Czech and said, “Fuck, I’m P3, let’s try.”

“Finally I passed Czechrisking my life there, and then at that point I thought, “Yes, let’s try to finish on the podium” because I knew that a pit stop would cost me 32 seconds.

“After all, they have more numbers than me, so I followed their instructions.

“I’m sure we’ll analyze it together, they’ll explain to me why they’ve made this decision and you have to understand that the team is in the best position to make that decision.”


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