Ferrán Torres: his passionate images with the daughter of Luis Enrique


These days there is no talk of anything other than the World Cup. Qatar has become an informative epicenter and not only because of football but because of all the controversy orchestrated around this great event. In our country, what Spain can do with Luis Enrique is followed with special interest, but in the national circles there is also talk of a matter that is less morbid: the courtship of Ferran Torres with the Selector’s daughter. A romance that even the coach himself has not been shy about valuing.

The striker is one of the stars of the Spanish National Team and many of the fans’ hopes are pinned on his ability to score a goal. But his number 1 fan is sira martinez. They have been together for years, but their romance has been consolidating since last January, when the Valencian signed for Barcelona and settled in Barcelona. He had previously been playing for Manchester City, so they developed their relationship at a distance.

Ferrán Torres and Sira Martínez, during a vacation / Gtres

Ferrán and Sira are very much in love and proof of this is the passionate behavior they have when they think no one is watching. In private they kiss, hug, whisper and behave like a couple who live their early years in a frenzy. Serve as an example these romantic images that starred during a vacation. In them they are seen sailing through the waters of Ibiza, a favorite destination for VIPs in summer, while they give each other a lot of love.

Ferrán Torres and Sira Martínez, during a vacation / Gtres
Ferrán Torres and Sira Martínez kiss in Ibiza / Gtres

Sira Martínez is gradually beginning to become an influencer in the making. The number of followers of her on her Instagram is growing like foam and currently exceeds 158,000. She is a girl who prefers to live in the background despite being the daughter of one of the best-known personalities in the country and the girlfriend of a Barça footballer. Her true passion is horse riding, where they have a promising future ahead of them.

Sira is the great support of Ferrán Torres, although jokes about it among fans and even within the locker room are common. Luis Enrique himself lent himself to them a few days ago through the streaming which he himself stars. A fan asked him about the player who was his extension on the field and the Asturian did not cut himself: «Man, mine is very easy. Mr. Ferran Torres, if not, my daughter takes me and cuts off my head.

The Valencian footballer was humble and did not want to continue with the hesitation with his coach and at the same time father-in-law: «I don’t feel like that at all. The coach is very joking, it was a direct thing. With this coach there is no one indisputable, he is one of the strengths we have as a team and what makes you always stay active ». And he made something extremely important clear in any profession: «The coach and I know how to differentiate when we are family and when coach-player. We are doing very well.”


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