Fernando Tatis Jr.’s motorcycle accident did not cost him dearly


Fernando Tatis Jr., stop San Diego Padresis perhaps the youngest player with the highest prognosis at the moment, he was second after Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Bryce Harper and Washington Nationals outfielder Juan Soto in the National League Most Valuable Player vote, so the news of his road accident in the Dominican Republic worried all baseball fans.

According to a report by Kevin Acey of the San Diego Union-Tribune, Tatis, the son of another major league player in the Dominican Republic, was hurt last Sunday in his home country.

He was immediately discharged from the hospital.

Although he received immediate medical attention after falling off the motorcycle he was riding, “Child“Fortunately, he escaped serious injury, and after being admitted to the hospital, he was immediately discharged, and last Tuesday he summed up his usual activities, according to Acey and an additional report by Dominican journalist Baudilio Jimenez.

I drink“not the first person injured in a road traffic accident in recent years in Dominican Republicjust remember the deaths Yordano Ventura, Andy Marthe and Oscar Taveras

Tatis Jr. completed only the first year of a $ 340 million 14-season contract renewal and did so with impressive personal stats, including 42 home runs and 25 stolen bases with whom he led the National League, despite playing only 130 regular season games.

At 22, Tatis Jr. took the Padres to the playoffs in 2020, but he missed that goal in 2021.

Parents have not made a statement

The San Diego Padres were unable to comment on the health of their franchised player due to lockout the owners imposed on the baseball players last week.

Injuries have been another constant in Fernando Tatis Jr.’s inspiring career, however, it looks like he was saved this time from what could be the worst of them all.

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