Federico Jimenez Losantos’ huge success at the Madrid Book Fair


Long lines of hundreds of people were waiting in line this weekend at the Madrid Book Fair in Retiro Park, so Federico Jimenez Losantos sign their latest book on the market, The return of communism (Espasa, 2020).

On Saturday 13:00 to 15:00 and Sunday from 11:45 to 14:30, the writer and president of Libertad Digital received the love and support of hundreds of subscribers after a campaign of harassment and defamation. This media group recently received: “Many people familiar with coronavirus victims, doctors or pharmacists, are very grateful for the protection of vaccines.” Many esRadio listeners also expressed their regret to Federico over the recent death of our colleague Elia Rodriguez.

Readers of all ages, with their copies under their arms, did not want to miss the opportunity to take home a dedicated book in which Federico analyzes the return of the communists to the Spanish government, as well as “the misfortunes and calamities that led to it. “.

As in the previous book, Memory of communism, Turn it is a true editorial phenomenon with a circulation of tens of thousands of copies. It was # 1 in digital sales and bookstore sales for political essays.

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