“Fear of Trump” tactics exhausted, pushing the Democratic Party to lose in 2022


Exactly a year ago, Joe Biden He defeated his rival President by ten percentage points in Virginia. Donald TrumpAs a result, a relatively new trend was maintained: From 1968 to 2004, Virginia, one of the battlegrounds of the Civil War, had been Republican territory, and the state had been arguing about race. Since Obama won in 2008, the situation has changed. The Democratic Party’s four consecutive victories seem to align Virginia with the coastal states, which is a bit surprising considering its electoral district and history.

In addition, since 1982, 7 of its 10 governors have been members of the Democratic Party.Recently, the only exception is Bob Macdonald, Was elected only one year after Obama won in November 2009. Virginia governor election New Jersey is particularly important because they are always held first after the presidential election. The first meeting between the two major parties and voters is also a good way to understand where the gunfire is going, especially for the White House parties.

So, for example, in 2017, Hillary Clinton Last year, with an advantage of 5.3 points, Ralph Northam won with an advantage of 8.9 points. Although the United States (USA) is inconvenient to extrapolate each election result to the entire country-it is one of the few countries where candidates are as important as the party they are running for-many people have seen the beginning of the Republican Party in the Senate and House of Representatives midterm elections. one question. In fact, in fact, a year later, Donald Trump’s party lost its majority in the Senate and was very close to losing its majority in the House of Representatives. This will be finally confirmed in 2020.

In this sense, if the 3.6 points change is beneficial to the game that has been won, it indicates an earthquake, Regarding what happened this week, what should you say when a tenth lead becomes almost a loss of two points? Glenn Yankin’s victory This was a huge surprise, considering that an already rushed result would arouse some suspicion from the head of the Democratic campaign, focusing almost entirely on comparing Youngkin with Trump and emphasizing the continued support of the former president.

racial issues

If opposition to Trump can at some point inspire voters — the famous Fear without Borders vote — now is the time to consider whether this situation will continue. Trump hasn’t been in power for nearly ten months Still a great figure in American politics, Which is not good for the current president.In recent months, the Democrats have not turned the election into a consolidation of their management, but are more willing to turn it into a hoax against Donald Trump and a referendum on some of his most controversial actions in the former legislature, such as him. Indifferent condemnation Violence in Charlottesville It ended with the death of a person.

Republican Glen Youngkin (Glenn Youngkin), the winner of the Virginia governor’s election.


Charlottesville is one of the major cities in Virginia. The fact that hundreds of people walked for hours holding Confederate flags and enforcing laws on the streets clearly illustrates the social problems that continue to exist there. Actually, Race has always been one of the points of contention in these elections: Youngkin promised to end the racial and revisionist way of education by the far right, which involves concerns about black citizens in the past few decades.

For the Republican Party, or for a large part of it, this is “indoctrination,” or directly, the hunt for white people.Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe, who served as governor of the state from 2013 to 2017, first hinted and then claimed that Youngkin wanted to end any black presence on his resume, including works like this one beloved, From Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison. Exaggerated clumsiness is not good for his public opinion, which shows that he did not get any election income either.

Earthquakes before the “mid-term”

If something seems to have affected this unexpected turnaround—please note that in New Jersey, things are still basically tied, even though the predecessor of the Republican Party in New Jersey is closer to Chris Christie, Serving as the governor of the state from 2010 to 2018-is the Democratic Party’s indecision and lack of hopeful information. In other words, they have given up all the initiative to their political opponents.

McAuliffe can not only defend Biden, but also defend himselfHe has repeatedly attacked Trump, trying to avoid the epidemic disaster suffered by his party partner Ralph Northam in recent years, who ended his term with the lowest approval rate. Let us remember that in Virginia, the current governor cannot participate in the next election.

Joe Biden campaigned for Democratic Virginia governor candidate Terry McAuliffe.

Joe Biden campaigned for Democratic Virginia governor candidate Terry McAuliffe.


Knowing that turning to Northam did not attract votes, McAuliffe played the trump card and lostIf the Democrats eventually lose in New Jersey, then the explosion will be complete. We must insist that the importance of these elections lies only in the direction they set for the next year. The Democratic majority in the Senate and House of Representatives is at stake.If these movements we see in various states are transformed into Mid-termIt is likely that Republicans will gain a solid majority in these two institutions, which will allow strong opposition to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris before 2024.

in the same way, Youngkin’s victory is a boost to the Republican conservativesAlthough the Democratic Party’s propaganda is responsible for repeating the opposite, Youngkin and Trump are not friends. Trump did not turn to Youngkin’s campaign. In fact, Youngkin kept his distance from Trump until the last minute, in a call halfway through a campaign closing rally, Trump got on the train and supported the new team. vague. However, his speech is very similar to his social agenda, almost identical.

Oppose consensus

Obviously, now, Trump’s strategy for 2024 must be to ride all winning horses. Yang Jin is one of them. Both are opposed to certain consensuses reached with Democratic and Republican presidents in the United States since at least the 1970s. This is equivalent to the struggle against the “progressive dictatorship” often heard in Spain, or the struggle against the “78 regime” from the other end of the parliamentary arch.

The message of Youngkin’s victory is not only that the Republican Party will return in 2022, the Democrats will have to reinvent themselves urgently, but that there is nothing wrong with pushing the debate to the limit. The most extreme candidate in the Republican Party has a new reason to stick to that speech and see what happens. The same happens to voters, triggering potentially dangerous drifts, not just in terms of race or gender. It was almost a cliché for a while -Republicans hold guns and repeat how they hate everything- Now it has become a proud speech of the royal familyJoe Biden has more in the White House.

Either a fundamental change, or a change within a year, Biden will let Congress oppose him

In short, even if there is no definite result, the earth is already shaking at the feet of the Democratic Party. It is necessary to see how many people are standing and what they plan to do.everything Q-Anon activism And all about No fraud since November 2020 If Republicans gave themselves a piece of cake in this election, it could almost be buried. The situation is just the opposite. Indeed, Youngkin has never defended the election fraud hypothesis, but his victory will help raise the spirit of Republican candidates and voters and all sensitive people across the country.

Either a fundamental change, or a change within a year, Biden will let Congress oppose himWithout Obama’s years of energy and his feeling of not fully controlling the electorate, he became the “default president”. That person who is not Donald Trump, wow. If this does not work now, Democrats will have to find another way to connect with the more progressive sectors of American society. Asking this might be an interesting first step to avoid disaster.


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