FBI reveals Brian Lowdry confessed to killing Gabby Petito in his diary


Ti have a diary Brian Laundry confirmed that it was he who killed his girlfriend, a well-known influencer Gabby Petitoas long expected.

This has just been announced in the US. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) after the closing of the case on Friday, January 21.

In findings provided to Petito’s family, they confirmed that her boyfriend was solely responsible for the death of the influencer, whose body was found on September 21, 2021 after she was reported missing.

It’s worth remembering that Londry returned home alone to his parents’ home after a van adventure across the United States that the couple shared on YouTube throughout July and August, though he tried to pretend that Petitot was with him for several days. after he strangled her. So much so that he even used his credit card to pay for the flight back to Florida from Wyoming.

“The role of the public in assisting us has been invaluable as the investigation has been covered by the media around the world, so I want to thank you for all the information received,” the Denver FBI office said, before explaining that in the confession note, he ” responsibility” was found on Brian Londry’s laptop.


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