Fast race with moments of tension opens Sanfermines 2022


Bulls of Cadiz cattle Nunez del Cuvillo opened the first convoy Sanfermina 2022 with a fast race, 2:35 minutes, apparently without flagpole injuries, and with moments of tension, such as the one experienced when entering the square, where many runners formed.

Punctually, at eight in the morning, 1089 days after the last bull run held in Pamplona on July 14, 2019, the herd left the Santo Domingo bullpen. grouped and led by halters, although the bulls immediately took command, leading to beautiful races for the young men.

Nuñez del Cuvillo, participating in the eleventh Pamplona bull run, showed noble behavior in a race in which there were many falls.

Nerves and emotions were palpable minutes before the launch of the bull run rocket, with some of the runners meeting again after a two-year suspension of the festivities due to the pandemic and being able to be greeted again by the shepherds.

After the obligatory songs in San Fermin, the meek ones led the bulls to contact with the runners, who advanced ten meters this year. On this first stretch, from Santo Domingo, the bull run was clean, with grouped torads and with some horns extending to the left.

This is how the herd arrived at the town hall, at high speed and with the bulls finally leading the group, which also crossed Mercaderes street until they reached the Relay turn, where the herd crashed into the fencethough not falling to the ground.

On Relay Street, the best races of young men were seen, who, despite the enormous speed of the torade, found gaps in front of the horns in a stretched herd led by four bulls. The speed at which the bulls were going meant that there were numerous runner falls and even a small pile in this section.

One of the bulls collided with the fence on the right side of the Telefónica section, while many runners gathered at the entrance to the square, which caused a cluster of young people already in the arena of the bullfighting arenaalbeit without serious consequences.

Little by little and without much difficulty, the herd entered the pigsty of the square, which celebrates its centenary on July 7 with a mixed bullfight, unusual for Pamplona, ​​in which the Navarrese rechoneador Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza and the right-hander Morante participate. Puebla, El Juli and Roca Rey will perform.


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