Fascism shadows Italy: Draghi studies to ban the Fuerza Nueva party


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Italy fears that fascism is not just a distant memory. For this reason, the prime minister of the country, Mario Draghi, Is studying with his government team how to achieve dissolution new force (FN), in charge of the New Fascist Party, a few days ago, Create a riot and launch an attack in the center of Rome.

Italy has a thin climate, Especially in the media, because people are paying more and more attention to the ultimate rise of fascist nostalgia.A nostalgia designed to create Social instability, Taking advantage of the dissatisfaction of the trans-mountain population, they lamented the economic consequences of the coronavirus and opposed the entry into force of the Covid passport as a mandatory work force from this Friday.

According to media reports in the country, Mario Draghi hopes to declare the neo-fascist party illegal after riots in the center of Rome and the forces of order are unable to contain the riots.

A protest against the Covid passport in Rome on the 9th.


But as I read in newspapers like history newspapers these days Evening Post, “Operation Draghi is extremely cautious” because “This issue is politically explosive”.

If the Prime Minister approves the dissolution of Fuerza Nueva (FN), this will be the first time that Italy has passed a trans-mountain administrative decree to dissolve the neo-fascist organization.

The situation is delicateIn addition, because the second round of municipal elections will be held on Sunday the 17th and Monday the 18th, the main competition will be held around Rome. On the other hand, the Ministry of the Interior worries that the final decree “may set fire to the square,” the Ministry of the Interior said. run“But if Draghi thinks democracy is in danger,” his pulse will not tremble.

Illegal game

Can Fuerza Nueva (FN) be banned? How and who can do it? These are two legal issues that both the executive branch and the trans-Alpine judiciary are now concerned about.

The current political disputes are related to political parties and the media. Public institutions are more focused on understanding the legal mechanisms by which the Italian rule of law allows the formation of a clear fascist inspiration to be distinguished from democratic life.

Italian Constitution (1948) itself is anti-fascism, because it was written by the entire trans-mountain democratic political class, these political classes in Second World War, The Resistance and the Allies fought side by side.

Giuliano Castellino, national leader of Forza Nuova.

Giuliano Castellino, national leader of Forza Nuova.


In one of its subsidiary parts, the “Trans-Alpine Magna Carta” emphasizes that “it is forbidden to reorganize disbanded fascist parties in any form.” The rules that determine whether Draghi or Italian public power can ban Fuerza Nueva (FN) can be found in a law in the mid-1950s, which is the key to interpreting the future of neo-fascist training.

The specific rule in question is The famous Scelba’s law in 1952In his first article, he explained that the “reorganization of a disbanded fascist party” occurred in “an association, a movement, or a group of no less than five people”, which was essentially “pursuing fascist anti-democratic goals.” Party. “

How to understand that essence?The key elements here are: “promoting, threatening, or using violence as a means of political struggle”, “inciting the abolition of constitutionally guaranteed freedom”, “slandering democracy, its systems, or resistance“, “To carry out racist propaganda” or “to exalt party members, principles, facts and methods, or fascist characteristics”.

It is not the first time that Italy resorted to the “Serba Act” to dissolve a neo-fascist far-right party: the first time was in 1973, against the formation of a new order; the second time was in 1976, when the National Vanguard Party was declared illegal .

Who can perform this process? Three key figures: Prime Minister Mario Draghi; Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese; Or Trans-Mountain Judiciary. There are two options: first, the chief executive of Italy directly enforces the decree-which is unprecedented -; second, the judge will test the reorganization of the fascist party, and the interior minister will order the dissolution and confiscation of all the assets of the far-right organization.

The key event to understand why Italy is considering banning the new rabies (FN) occurred this Saturday, when thousands of people opposed to vaccines and COVID-19 passports gathered in the center of Rome.Most of the protesters were peaceful, but There are many violent people starting to heat upIncited many people present to provoke riots in Via del Corso, one of the main avenues in the center of the Eternal City.

The siege failed Chiji Palace, headquarters of Transalpine Executive, They went to the headquarters of the country’s main trade union CGIL (General Confederation of Italian Labour) in the way they had promised loudly: the Transalpine State Police itself has confirmed this version. In practice, the scene at the scene is very similar to the attack on Capitol Hill in Washington (US) last January.

In the same morning, a group About 30-50 neo-fascistsIn addition, they sparked a quarrel in front of a hospital, and an anti-vaccine protester injured in the riot was admitted. After the arrest of 12 people from Fuerza Nueva (FN) on Saturday night; as reported by the country’s media, on Tuesday, the Prosecutor’s Office in Rome ordered the closure of the neo-fascist organization’s website on the grounds that the organization used “computer and remote information Processing tools” “inciting crime”.

“There is no tolerance for violence,” Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi assured in recent days.Scope of activity to ensure Sergio Mattarella, President and Head of State of the Italian RepublicIt is “limited”, but “aroused a very strong reaction in Italian public opinion”.

Maurizio Landini, the leader of CGIL, affirmed that he thanked the “administrative departments and agencies for their support to prevent us from not wanting to go back in time.” He admitted that he strongly believes that attacks on his organization belong to the “A perfect plan.”

These incidents aroused the indignation of Italians, whether in the media or on the streets; not only among citizens across the mountains, but also among the country’s main boot-shaped parties, from the pro-European left to the sovereign right. All aroused concern.

In this atmosphere, there are two distinct factions in Italian politics: the center-left group, which is composed of the reformists of the Democratic Party (PD). Former Prime Minister Enrico Leta (2013-2014) and Anti-establishment of Five Star Movement (M5E) is also the former prime minister Giuseppe Conte (2018-2021); on the other hand, the sovereign group is composed of alliances Matteo Salvini And the Italian Brotherhood (HDI) Georgia Meloni.

The first to move forward is the progressives, who demanded on Saturday night to disband the New Fascist New Fascist Party: Therefore, Leta and Conte work together; it provides a preliminary understanding of the future alliance for the next general election in March 2023 . ambiguous. “

The people who saw themselves in the eyes of hurricanes in recent days are the sovereign leaders of the Italian League and Brotherhood, Salvini and Meloni; who has to point out over and over again, He rejected Fuerza Nueva’s neo-fascist violence (FN): “The Draghi government will disband the party if it wants to,” Meloni said. On the other hand, a few days after the neo-fascist attack, he asked: “Why the Ministry of the Interior has been letting go PD, haven’t you been disbanded before?”

As far as Salvini is concerned, he is tired of being asked one of the most worrying questions in Italy today, and he regrets that reporters are “still talking about fascism.”

Supporters of the Democratic Party (PD), the Five Star Movement (M5E) and major Italian trade unions will join their leaders in a predictable mass demonstration in Piazza del Popolo this Saturday-the same as last Saturday, which one Thousands of anti-vaccinations have been summoned Contrary to Covid passport-Defend “anti-fascist values”.

However, the sovereignists of Salvini and Meloni, Claiming to be an “anti-fascist”They decided not to defend anti-fascism in their tents. Neither party seems to be a suitable day for reflection: just the day before the second round of municipal elections.


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