Far-right Giorgia Meloni wins Italian election, according to first poll


Giorgio Meloni, leader of the far-right Fraternal Party of Italy, has won a huge victory in Italian elections, according to public broadcaster RAI’s first exit poll.

Conservative blocs including Matteo Salvini’s coalition and Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia will win the election with 41 to 45 percent of the vote, enough to control House of Lords and Senate. A Melloni-led coalition would win 227 to 257 of the 400-seat upper house or parliament, and 111 to 131 of the 200-seat Senate. So, if the results confirm the first RAI polls, the right will have a landslide victory and Melloni will be prime minister.

A quarter of Italian voters chose the Italian Brotherhood. According to the RAI poll, the Meloni party, with its neo-fascist roots, won the most votes, with between 22% and 26%. This is followed by the Democratic Party (17%-21%), Five Star Movement (13.5%-17.5%), Alliance (8.5%-12.5%), Action-Italia Viva (6.6%-8.5%), Forza Italy ( 6-8%) and the Green Left Alliance (3-5%).

The election, in which voter participation declined significantly compared to 2018, saw a hard right shift in voter decisions. On Sunday, just over 64 percent of voters reached 72.94 percent less than 8 to 9 percentage points from four years ago. Abstentions spiked especially in the southern regions: 50 percent of people voted in Calabria, and 54 percent in Campania (the Naples region). There were more votes in the north, but even Emilia-Romagna, the region with the highest turnout (just over 71 percent), failed to catch up with previous elections.

The victory for Giorgia Meloni and her brothers from Italy is all the more remarkable if you consider that they received just 4% of the vote in 2018. They have now achieved hegemony on the right, and from their very beginnings on the far right, they have taken up most of the space on the more or less traditional right, formerly represented by Berlusconi’s Forza Italia and Salvini Union, and now in a secondary position in the group. -correct. Its definition of “center” is given by the inclusion of its fourth and smallest element, the American Moderate, into the coalition.

Meloni ended up voting at 10:35 p.m., shortly before polls closed at 11 p.m., to avoid causing trouble for other voters before photographers and reporters waited for her at her polling place.

Meloni, 45, had announced that he would vote at 11:00, but after making the media wait at the Vittorio Bachelet school on the outskirts of Rome, he said he would vote by the end of the day, before heading to the suburban hotel to follow the poll.

During the day, he posted only one video on his social network, which went viral, in which Meloni played with his name (plural of melon in Italian) and held two melons in front of his chest while confirming a smile and wink. : “September 25th, I said it all.”

The far-right leader has communicated the time change “so that voters can exercise their right to vote with peace of mind without crowds.”

The head of state, Sergio Mattarella, voted in his hometown of Palermo (Sicily), wearing a jacket but not his usual tie and lining up as another person , Prime Minister Mario, who is still in action, has also exercised his right to Rome Draghi.



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