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Covid: Families of blood clot victims congratulate vaccine support

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Mr. Astles’ wife Carole told the investigation that linking his symptoms to the vaccine “never even entered our minds”

The family of a man who died of a Covid-19 stroke was praised for continuing to support vaccination.

An investigation by Bootle City Hall learned that Neil Asters had a blood clot in his brain and died a few days after he was vaccinated for the first time with the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine.

Peter’s brother, 59, said that he “had been vaccinated even after Neal’s death.”

Senior coroner Julie Goulding recorded the conclusion of the accident and thanked her family for their “clear position” on the importance of vaccination.

The investigation heard that Mr. Astles, who lives in Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside, was vaccinated on March 17, but had a headache a few days later.

His wife, Carol, said that linking his symptoms to the vaccine “never even entered our minds because it was on the 9th day after he had a headache.”

‘Very rare’

She said that her husband worked as a lawyer for the Warrington Borough Council and was in good health before the coup, but after calling 111 for advice, she went to Warrington Hospital on April 2.

“It was not obvious at the time that he was racing against time,” she said.

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Alison Astles was interviewed by the BBC after her brother died, urging people to get vaccinated

On April 3, Mr. Astles was transferred to the Royal Liverpool University Hospital after a CT scan showed a blood clot in his brain.

Intensive care consultant Dr. Lawrence McCrossan said, “Mr. Astors’ level of consciousness has been maintained, so we feel there is an opportunity to try to stabilize his condition,” but added that “the situation has deteriorated very, very fast”.

His cause of death was recorded as cerebral hemorrhage, central venous sinus thrombosis and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine.

Dr. Gary Peters of the Drugs and Health Products Regulatory Agency said that as of October 27, approximately 24 million doses of the first dose of the vaccine had been vaccinated, and there were 424 cases similar to Astles, of which 72 had died.

After his death, Mr. Astors’ sister Alison Interviewed by the BBC, urging people to keep getting vaccinated At the hearing, his brother Peter said: “I think everyone in this country should be vaccinated.”

“I was vaccinated even after Neil died,” he added.

The coroner said these side effects are “extremely rare” and that the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks.

She thanked Mr. Astors’ family for the “dignity shown from beginning to end”.

She added that they should also be praised because “the message clearly conveyed today (…) about your clear position is that it is very important to continue vaccination, but also to be aware of complications. And very rare side effects, so when they It did happen, and quick and urgent action can be taken.”

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