Families of elder abuse victims offer 24/7 helpline


Elder abuse family welcomes move by charity’s 24/7 helpline

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Image Source, Daphne Franks

Joan Blass had terminal dementia when she married man 24 years her junior

A victim of predatory marriage, the family of an elderly woman has opened a 24-hour helpline for those affected by elder abuse.

The Hourglass charity said extending the opening of its helpline would promote more of the “hidden epidemic” of elder abuse.

Daphne Franks’ mother was exploited in her 80s by a man 24 years her junior and suffered from dementia.

Ms Franks said a 24/7 helpline would make an “absolute difference”.

Predatory marriages occur when vulnerable adults are drawn into a marriage that financially benefits their new spouse.

Ms Franks, from Leeds Glade, said her mother, Joan Blass, met Coleman Fran in 2011, the same year she was diagnosed with dementia. A month later, he moved into her home.

Fearing her mother was being exploited, Ms Franks sought help from Ms Blass’s GP, social services and police but was unsuccessful.

Until her mother died in 2016 at the age of 91 The family learned that the couple were married.

Joan Blass with her daughter

Joan Blass’ daughter Daphne Franks says she doesn’t want another family going through what she has

After Mrs. Blass died, Mr. Foreman inherited all her property.

He also took control of the funeral, with Mrs Blass buried in an unmarked grave.

Ms Franks said when the family found out about the marriage, “the context completely gave up on our world”.

She added: “We don’t see how this happened. She has a five-year history of vascular dementia. »

Under British law, the marriage revokes Mrs Brath’s previous will, leaving everything to her children.

Ms Franks said the family was “absolutely powerless”.

She said: “When we knew about the threat, I had no one to talk to.

“We went to all the authorities and they just didn’t know what to do. They had good intentions, but they just didn’t know what to do.

“Someone Listens”

Ms Franks said if she had known there was a helpline available before her mother died, she “would have called for sure”.

“If I had someone on the phone at the time, it would have been very helpful — even if it was just someone who could listen and say, ‘No, you’re not stupid,'” she said.

Hourglass charity says it’s moving Its helpline operates 24/7 More than a quarter of calls go unanswered because they are made outside normal office hours.

He said Home Office funding meant he was now able to extend his service to ensure calls were answered day and night.

Richard Robinson, chief executive of Hourglass, said: “Fortunately, we are increasingly aware of other forms of abuse, such as child abuse and domestic violence.

“But elder abuse remains in the shadows, even though it affects millions.

“Many people are suffering and don’t know where to go for help. »

The BBC has attempted to contact Mr Folan to respond to the allegations.

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