Fall Fair Keys: Subscriber sales and ticket prices are on the rise, but no TV


On Thursday, October 1, the autumn fair begins in Madrid. Monument to Las Ventas in honor of the centenary of the birth of Antonio Bienvenida. Company Square 1 will present the terms of the new working specifications of the Calle de Alcalá bullring with a proposal that it has won until 2026 in the autumn series with which it will end the 2022 bullfighting season in the Spanish capital with high voltage holiday october 12. Among the innovations of this specification, approved by the Community of Madrid, the owner of the property, is an increase in the price of one-way tickets and different types of prices depending on the importance of the celebration, thus up to three different prices, including the subscriber.

The company announced that after the completion of the renewal and the acquisition of new subscriptions, its number increased in relation to the San Isidro fair by 1675, reaching 15,711 subscribers. One of Plaza 1’s main goals with its individual ticket price hikes was to increase the number of people signing up for Las Ventas in one of Madrid’s “biggest budget” fall cycles in years, according to the company. .

Without TV and with bulls in Batan

In addition to the increasing liberalization of ticket prices, another key to the new specs Plaza 1 is set to introduce at this fall fair is that some of the bullfights and bullfights to be held in Las Ventas will be on display days in advance. before. in feathers Sale of Batanat the Casa de Campo in Madrid.

Historically, this is a fence where Bullfighting school José Cubero ‘Yiyo’ de Madrid welcomed the bulls to all the celebrations held in Las Ventas a few days later, and the return of the bulls to Batan was one of the demands of the fans. With the new specifications, it will be possible to see some bullfighting and bullfighting, 60% according to Plaza 1. More information about this project is expected to become known in the coming days.

Another key to this fall fair is that it will not air on Movistar’s themed channel, Canal Toros, after failing to reach an agreement with Plaza 1. message on the social network Twitter Coinciding with the launch of individual ticket sales starting Friday, September 23 from 00:00 on the Internet, Plaza 1 indicated: “In order to avoid last-minute speculation and provide truthful information, we inform you that despite our maximum interest in the availability of television and the distribution of the following #AutumnFair2022finally, it will not be broadcast live.”

The reaction of many fans from all over Spain who will not be able to see the festivities of Las Ventas at this autumn fair, which will be attended by some of the main figures of bullfighting such as Morante de la Puebla, Andrés Roca Rey or Alejandro Talavante. Autumn cycle posters:

  • Saturday 1/10. Bullfighting with pickaxes. Driving from Fuente Imbro to Victor Hernandez and Alvaro Alarcon (hand in hand).
  • Sunday 2/10. Bullfighting. Bulls by Adolfo Martin for Adrián de Torres (confirmation), Roman and Angel Sanchez.
  • Thursday 6/10. Bullfighting with pickaxes. Driving from Valdelan for Jon Lamothe (presentation), Diego Garcia and Jorge Martinez.
  • Friday 7/10. Bullfighting. Bulls from El Pilar for Diego Urdiales, Juan Ortega and Pablo Aguado.
  • Saturday 8/10. Bullfighting. Bulls from Puerto de San Lorenzo / La Ventana del Puerto for Useda Leal, Morante de la Puebla and Angel Telles.
  • Sunday 9/10. Bullfighting. Bulls from Fuente Imbro for Miguel Angel Perera, Juan Leal and Alvaro Lorenzo.
  • Tuesday 10/11. Novillada without bullfighters, End of the road in Las Ventas.
  • Spanish Heritage Day. Wednesday 10/12. Bullfighting. Bulls from Victoriano del Río / T. de Cortes for Talavante, Roca Rey and Fco de Manuel.

As an appetizer for the Fall Fair and without TV, this Sunday, September 25, Las Ventas is hosting ranch for bullfighting with bulls from Juan Luis Fraile, Fermin Bojorquez, Pallares, José Escolar, La Palmosilla and Sobral for Javier Castaño, Ruben Pinar and Gomez del Pilar.

Television will be launched in Seville

Before Plaza 1 posted on its official Twitter account that the Fall Fair 2022 would not be televised, many users assumed that an agreement would be reached at the last moment, as happened with Pagés de Seville for San Miguel Fair Andalusian capital, which will begin this Friday, September 23rd.

A few days ago, Canal Toros announced that they were going to broadcast the three bullfights that make up the San Miguel Fair 2022 “directly and exclusively” in full. Moorish from La Puebla, John Ortega D Thomas Rufus they will take up the bullfighting of Hermanos Garcia Jimenez; on Saturday, the 24th, in the prison of Victoriano del Rio, Juan Pedro Garcia “Calerito” takes the alternative from José María Manzanares with Roca Rey as a witness; on Sunday the 25th, Morante returns to the bullfight of Juan Pedro Domec with Hines Marine and Pablo Aguado.

In Seville, the season ends in the same way as in Madrid, on October 12, but with a delay.summer in favor of the charity bag of the Brotherhood of the Great Power hosted by retired bullfighter Emilio Muñoz. In this festival, livestock from Espartaco, Daniel Ruiz, Victoriano del Río, Garcigrande, Talavante and Nunez de Tarif will fight for bullfighters Diego Urdiales, José María Manzanares, Daniel Luque, Juan Ortega and Pablo Aguado and bullfighter Diego Bastos. In addition, the young promise of bullfighting Mark Perez The one year old from Jandilla will be the last to fight.



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