Facebook and Instagram have problems with plans for children


Facebook and Instagram have run into issues that have prevented the development of kid-friendly versions of their apps.

It’s no secret that kids are a lucrative corner of the market in many business sectors, and the social media giants hoped to harness this potential more.

However, reports have emerged showing that social media use can be harmful to teens and children, causing or exacerbating mental health and social problems.

The Wall Street Journal showed that research has shown Instagram in particular, it has a high level of toxicity among adolescent girls, prompting them to obey and live up to the right image. The report links Instagram to cases of anxiety, depression, and suicide.

Facebook developed a version Instagram especially for younger users, but this is frozen while the US Congress is interviewing company representatives about their commitment to protecting children online.

The company is concerned that young people are not engaging enough Facebookbut in light of these developments, plans to create a Facebook for Kids may also need to be delayed.

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