Fabiola’s hilarious nickname for Bertín Osborne after his physical change

Some days ago, Bertin Osborne He became one of the great protagonists of the magazines of the week with his impressive physical change. The artist was on the cover of the magazine Hello!, in whose pages he also revealed the keys to his metamorphosis: “I am like 30 years ago,” said the Andalusian. A cover that has been produced a few days after the singer celebrates his 68th birthday.

Now it has been his ex-wife, Fabiola Martínez, who has spoken about this shocking physical change. The Venezuelan has kindly attended the cameras of the Gtres Agency upon arrival at Madrid airport. “I have given him a nickname, Bertinator”, Fabiola said between laughs about the physical change that her ex-partner has experienced. A nickname reminiscent of ‘Terminator’, one of the most popular characters brought to life by the Austrian-born actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Fabiola Martínez at the Madrid airport. /Gtres

the cover of Bertin Osborne It has generated many reactions in all areas. While some have praised the work by the interpreter, there have also been others who have pointed out that it is an effect of photo retouching. Something on which Fabiola Martínez has preferred not to comment: “look, I don’t know”, said the Venezuelan.

A few days after the artist’s birthday, it was inevitable to ask what his partner has been for so many years about the family’s possible plans for this special day. Fabiola Martínez has confessed that she still does not know what she is going to give her: “I haven’t thought about it, I have to ask him to see, because he has everything, I don’t know what he might want”, has said. However, she has recognized that the ideal gift for him could be to spend this day with his two young children. Although Fabiola has acknowledged that she sees them a lot, she has confirmed that the artist does not have much time, since he works a lot. “It is not that little happens, but that it is not easy for him, so I think it would be very nice for him, surely to share it with his children,” she assured. What she doesn’t know is what he is going to ask of life for these 68 years or if he has any special wishes.

Bertín Osborne, collecting an award in Madrid / Gtres

There has been a lot of speculation in recent weeks about the possibility that Bertin Osborne will present The Chimes New Year’s Eve, something that Fabiola Martínez would like: “it would be very good, it would be fun, at least”, she said before leaving.

Bertín Osborne and Fabiola Martínez posing together in an act. /Gtres

Just a few days ago, the couple, who maintain an excellent relationship, coincided at a cocktail party organized to benefit the Bertín Osborne Foundation, at the La Borda del Mentidero restaurant. An appointment in which Fabiola also took the opportunity to talk about the upcoming challenges of the institution, as well as her two sons, Kike and Carlos.