Fabiola Martínez was hit hard, reconciling her with life

Fabiola Martínez chose to reappear at the premiere of “The Humor in My Life”, Played by Paz Padilla, Announcing the new setback he suffered in his life, in this case, “an uncle died of new coronary pneumonia.” This was a fatal blow. The Venezuelan found “a wonderful opportunity to reconcile with life” after witnessing her most complicated year.

Bertín Osborne’s ex-wife responded to the media with her usual goodwill, but announced that the loss of a loved one was related to the dispute over Paz’s role, which surprised everyone. Fabiola thinks this can help those who have suffered such setbacks like her recently: «I think so, in fact, unfortunately I was last week I lost a relative, an uncle, Covid in Colombia, because I also read this book, I think this is a great opportunity to reconcile with life“, bill.

Fabiola Martinez/Gtres

To overcome this bitter drink, Fabiola Martinez added Pas Padilla’s recipe: “Humor helps a lot. Laughter is another matter. It’s the result, but it’s more Look at life with a sense of humor.” Venezuelans know very well, “This helps you understand death in a different way.” It is also the author of the work who believes that we are a resurrected society, which is often regarded as a taboo topic.

Fabiola was also asked about this photo Bertin Osborne This has caused so much controversy. The singer wanted to post a past photo and a recent photo so that his followers could comment on his physical changes, which would spark controversy. His ex-wife assured him “I have no opinion because I don’t follow him…”, which surprised him, he commented.

After the divorce, Fabiola Martínez has reconstructed herself perfectly. During her last TV intervention, in the “Saturday Deluxe Edition”, she saw a woman completely renewed: «After separating from Bertín Osborne, I became a new woman»He commented. Both are declarations of intent. This interview also gave her a cold explanation, which led her to make this decision: “The most difficult thing in separation is to make a decision. But once we all get better…I will miss it too. Some things, it happened to the child, it happened to me… This is a change, it has been for many years. As for me, as far as I can see, we do better. The protagonist wants to make it clear, Belting has no more responsibility than his share: “This is not me. not me. He betrayed me. Stop thinking about my plans, my personal growth, and uncommon projects. He never forced me to do anything, he always supported me,” she said.

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