Fabiola Martínez ditched, very blunt, her dispute with Isabel Gemio


Fabiola Martinez with Isabel Jamio They are wrapped in An argument It was still valid last week. It all stems from the reporter’s few words in a reporter group, in which she gave up on Venezuelans who could have reshaped her life with another man. To the irritation of the above-mentioned people, she did not hesitate to show her anger and showed her private conversation with Gemio on social networks, in which she accused the media of granting these statements.

A few days passed, but the controversy did not end. Fabiola himself tried to put the matter on hold during an impromptu meeting with the cameras of the Gtres news organization. Bertín Osborne’s ex-wife has a long history of views on this conflict. “The controversy is caused by the media…” she began to say very annoyed.

Fabiola Martínez wearing a mask / Gtres

«I just want to clarify, I am not in love. In the title, it was confirmed, but it is not. «This is not an attack on Isabel, far from it. I released it because it is a more transparent way. She said that this was her impression when she saw me, and I told her that I didn’t agree with that. But we are confident enough to tell each other that this is not a conflict between us.

Fabiola Martinez insists «I am not in love, but if I am in love, I will say it or shut up. If what Isabel said is true, I will remain silent. But what most people don’t understand is that people are behind what they write, and they don’t know how it affects them. I must explain to my children what happened. Carlos has asked me why he studies. Why do I have to be in a situation of fear, worry, at home explaining whether I am in or out…? For example, now I am here-in a shopping mall-because I am repairing the apartment my parents will live in soon,” he explained.

Fabiola Martinez
Fabiola Martínez, at the event / Gtres

«The other day they saw me with a man who turned out to be my brother. I don’t like conflict, and I don’t oppose Isabel Gemio. It is not that she opposes me, but the opposite. When all this happened, we had already talked about it, and we said’well, this is out of control’, on the one hand, what she said was misunderstood. My response was so swift and powerful, because I know how the media works. When one person publishes it, the rest will reverberate, and later it is said that when the river sounds, it is because it carries water…not ».

Fabiola Martinez and Belting Osborne
Fabiola Martínez and Bertín Osborne / Gtres

One thing that bothers Fabiola Martínez very much is that the possibility of her falling in love with Bertín Osborne’s name and his latest news is mixed. Nevertheless, for her, the problem has been solved, and she hopes not to say more.

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