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HOURthis and welcome to our live blog for the Brazilian Grand Prix Sprint Qualifying Raceto be held this Saturday to determine the grid order of Sunday’s main event. This is the third sprint session Formula 1 season 2021 and the previous two were eventful, so this promises to be a spectacular sight on Circuit Jose Carlos Pacebetter known as Interlagoslike title contenders Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton struggle for position.

F1 Sprint Qualification – Brazilian Grand Prix, 2021 Qualification

This is the beginning of our Brazilian Grand Prix Qualifier Live Blog, with the most recent entries at the top. We’ll bring you all the updates before, during and after your session, so stay tuned!

Lap 23 – Penultimate Lap

Verstappen tries to outflank Bottas while Sainz holds back the second Red Bull of Perez. Hamilton on Norris’s gearbox.

Lap 21 – Hamilton keeps picking up steam

Charles Leclercq is Hamilton’s next victim as the Mercedes man moves to sixth place and Lando Norris leads the way. Bottas managed to keep Verstappen, and now Red Bull is out of reach of DRS.

Lap 17 – Hamilton to 7th

With DRS wide open, Hamilton easily overtook Ocon to move up to eighth place. Gasly is next behind the Mercedes, and he easily takes the Frenchman. Verstappen walks straight for Bottas’ gearbox as the pair squabble over the lead.

Lap 13 – Hamilton Top 10

The key move for Hamilton is when he overtakes Riccardo to reach the top ten. DRS on the main line sees Mercedes zipping past McLaren. Verstappen is 1.2 seconds behind Bottas in the lead.

Lap 11 – Verstappen Approaches Bottas

Verstappen’s Red Bull leads leader Bottas with fastest laps. and is 1.4 seconds behind the Mercedes. Hamilton is now stuck behind Riccardo at McLaren.

Lap 8 – Hamilton overtakes Alonso

As Hamilton moves across the field, it gets harder when he gets to faster cars. At this point, the Mercedes man has just overtaken Alpine Fernando Alonso. Hamilton is now in 11th place.

Lap 4 – Verstappen comes second again

The Red Bull driver gets DRS and quickly takes second place to Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari. Hamilton is in 12th place, making his way across the field.

Lap 1 – Bottas Steps Forward

Brilliant start from Bottas: Finn overtook Verstappen and Carlos Sainz of Ferrari moved up three spots to second. Verstappen leaves and returns for a Ferrari. Hamilton climbed to 14th place after the first round.


The lights are off and the cars are heading for turn 1!

19:10 GMT: Cars enter the grid.

The pit lane is open and the cars are entering the grid for the spring qualification. Bottas is now in the front row next to Verstappen, and Hamilton is in last place.

How many seats can a person from Mercedes have?

18:45 GMT: No gray zones

Martin Brandl gave his assessment of Hamilton’s qualifying suspension and made it clear that the punishment was fair.

“It’s pretty brutal, but there are no gray areas and there are no false factors,” Brandl told Sky Sports F1.

“Unfortunately, in Lewis’s car, in front of the stewards and in front of Mercedes-Benz, the car failed the test.

“It looks like something is out of order, it is very clear that the car was not designed as illegal, it was not intended to be illegal. The expression used is what went wrong, what was said. “

18:30 GMT: Mercedes wants to win on the track

After Lewis Hamilton was disqualified from qualifying and thus would have to start the qualifying sprint from the rear, Mercedes announced that it would not appeal the decision.

18:00 GMT: Sprint Qualifying Bracket

Following Hamilton’s disqualification, the sprint qualifying starting grid is now …

  1. Max Verstappen, Red Bull
  2. Valtteri Bottas, Mercedes
  3. Sergio Perez, Red Bull
  4. Pierre Gasly, AlphaTauri
  5. Carlos Sainz, Ferrari
  6. Charles Leclerc, Ferrari
  7. Lando Norris, McLaren
  8. Daniel Riccardo, McLaren
  9. Fernando Alonso, Alpine
  10. Esteban Ocon, Alpine

Now that Hamilton starts behind the grid, remember that he will lose five places in Sunday’s main race as well.

17:30 GMT: Hamilton suspended

Following an investigation into DRS violations, Lewis Hamilton was disqualified from the Brazilian F1 Grand Prix qualification classification.

Stewards found the Mercedes’ DRS to open more than 85mm, and after investigating, Hamilton would have to start the qualifying sprint from the back of the grid.

“The stewards decided that car 44 had not passed the test specified in TD / 011-19 and, therefore, was in violation of Art. 3.6.3 of the FIA ​​Formula 1 Technical Regulations.

“The Stewards agree with the Competitor that something went wrong, not intentional action or intent, but did not find mitigating circumstances here.

“In addition, Article 1.3.3 of the International Sporting Code states that“ the claim that no performance advantage has been gained is no excuse ”. Thus, the stewards will impose the usual penalty for technical non-compliance – disqualification from the qualifying session. “

16:30 GMT: What’s the weather like in Interlagos?

There have been many wet races at Interlagos over the years and there is a chance of rain this Saturday before the sprint qualifying race. It is expected to be dry by Sunday’s main race, but there may be light rain in the coming session with a 20% risk of rain.

16:10 GMT: When and where can you watch the Brazilian Sprint Qualifiers?

The sprint race this Saturday starts at 4:30 pm local time, which is 7:30 pm GMT for those watching from the UK and at 2:30 pm EST for those on the east coast of the United States. Formula 1 fans in the UK can watch Sky Sports, while ESPN channels and platforms will broadcast the event in the US.

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