Ezra Miller’s messiah complex made them insult an ex-girlfriend who spoke out

Jyou last Monday Vanity Fair published an extensive article on many of Ezra Miller’s exploits.. They are accused of having a “messiah” complex, where they literally demand that everyone in their inner circle revere them. Miller often referred to himself as “Jesus” or “The Devil”.

The altar in their house was also a pretty telling touch, but the article also details how one of their former girlfriends and ex-fiance talks about Miller gassing her. For years, Ezra Miller psychologically abused this woman and made her feel like she was the one who abused him at the time. This only adds more to the already surreal amount of accusations against the actor.

Vanity Fair names ex-fiancee Erin. This is what she had to say about Miller: “The Ezra I knew was not violent or physically abusive to anyone. Thinking back hurts because we had a deep love and he was good to me. For years he convinced me and all that. our friends that I was abusive…. But in hindsight I would call him disrespectful and he wouldn’t take responsibility and just call me abusive because of my reaction.

“I could handle it better. I didn’t know the term gaslighting then. I have been emotionally corrupted for many years. I do not want any more. Illusions of grandeur must be dispelled. I will always love Ezra and don’t want him to continue down this dark road.”

Miller is still trying to clean up his act.

According to recent reports from various media, Ezra Miller is allegedly trying to clean up their act. Since the new The Flash movie is still in post-production, there are indications that Warner Brazzers. would be willing to let Miller stay in the film. Many of the allegations have been settled behind closed doors as they try to win back Hollywood’s good graces.


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