Ezra Miller taunts police and deletes social media accounts


Ezra Millerstar Flash, removed it Instagram The account after posting a series of memes poking fun at the authorities, who are actively looking for him, accusing him of courting and manipulating an underage fan.

The images were posted directly to Miller’s Instagram story before the actor deleted the account entirely. Direct.

“You can’t touch me, I’m in another universe” and “Message from another dimension” are among the memes that seem to taunt the officials pursuing the actor.

These images may be a reference to Flashin which protagonist Barry Allen will encounter multiverse versions of himself.

“I am protected from negative people and their evil intentions. My spirit, mind, body, soul + success is not changed by anyone’s envy. I am protected from everything negative [illegible] people try to throw at me. Subconsciously and consciously. I am clearing any and all hidden peers who are hidden enemies,” one of the cryptic messages says.

Chase Iron Eyes as well as Sara Leaping Eagle received a protective order against the Flash star on behalf of their 18-year-old child Iron Eyes Tokatand Miller is reportedly on the run from the cops.

According to the couple, since Tokata was 12 years old, the actor allegedly exploited his child by engaging in “cult and psychologically manipulative, controlling behavior.” According to Iron Eyes and Jumping Eagle, Miller gave his child access to alcohol and drugs.

Tokata has since defended Miller, stating in an Instagram post that their father is “transphobic”. Chase Iron Eyes and Sara Jumping Eagle questioned Tokata’s credibility, stating that he “doesn’t have a phone”.

Police still can’t find Miller

Despite a court protection order, authorities have yet to locate Miller. “We are stuck in this legal limbo because [Miller] moving so much” Chase Iron Eyes explained. “We can’t service them anywhere they stay long enough.” “They were unstable. They have been avoiding service and are now being pressured by the public to make a decision, which worries us due to Ezra’s volatile nature.”

Miller is not the first to cause controversy. In early 2022, the actor made headlines after being arrested twice in Hawaii for harassment and assault.

Despite Miller’s recent actions, Warner Brazzers. said he had no plans to turn down the role of Barry Allen in DCEU.


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