Ezra Miller shows up with a mustache at his mother’s farm as the WB rethinks its future

TI have a whole Ezra Miller The situation has the whole world waiting for another shoe to fall, but nothing really happens as the actor keeps getting into trouble. One would think that the most recent allegations that they hacked into the entrance would be the final straw and they would finally be fired from Warner Bros. However, reports suggest that Miller even attended scheduled reshoots for “Flash‘earlier in the summer.

Report from Hollywood Reporter talks about three possible scenarios as the actor was recently spotted on their mother’s farm in Vermont with a mustache. They spotted the paparazzi and only smiled for the camera knowing they had an arrest warrant in their name. These scenarios are the only ways the studio will try to deal with Ezra Miller situation.

Will Warner Bros. fire? Ezra Miller?

The first scenario is more friendly. Ezra goes to therapy to seek help with their behavior. They go on small press tours ahead of The Flash movie premiere and stay with a contract for Warner Brazzers. Scenario #2: Ezra Miller refuses to ask for help, but leaves the actor as the star of the movie, only to end up recasting the role.

Scenario number 3 is the least requested by Warner. It includes Ezra Miller getting into constant trouble and having to completely kill a movie that was worth $200 million to do This would be unprecedented for the studio, no other colleague has ever done this before. Miller is currently waiting for Warner to make a decision, but obviously they want to release the film because it has been well tested by audiences so far.

Whatever happens and if Miller changes their behavior by asking for help, in the entertainment industry they are largely busy. For example, Warner Bros. killedbat girlfilm, but that one cost them $95 million and was not well tested by audiences. There is a huge difference between both situations, as Miller is still supportive of the great project in which he has been involved for so long.


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