Extremely dangerous imprisonment of Sebad Gago, at least three are wounded by a bull’s horn.


Bulls from Rancho José Cebada Gago staged a 3-minute, 12-second bull run on Monday. very dangerous and harshin which bulls attacked young people at different times with a time balance seven wounded, three of them at the flagpole.

With their thirty-second presence at the Sanfermines Cebada, the Gagos lived up to their fame and provoked the most dangerous scenes ever seen at these festivities in parts of Telefonika, the alley and the bullring, where one of the bulls lured the fallen waiter for a few seconds.

The bull, which quickly took the head of the herd, gave great speed to the group, completely broken up on Relay Street, where numerous falls and since then the most tense moments of the race have taken place with unsettling imagery.


The herd left the paddocks of Santo Domingo grouped and led by halters, but this did not last long, as after contact with the young people, the black bull took the head and quickly led the group.

This black bull, accompanied by a bay, crossed the Plaza del Ayuntamiento at some distance from his brothers and at great speed. On the Mercader curve, the horned animals collided with the fence and several of them fell to the ground, which completely disintegrated the herd, which thus made the rest of the route.

From that moment on, the brown bull took the lead in the race and single-handedly did this segment of the run of the bulls, in which many gaps were open that were open. used by runners to run in front of the horns.

One of the Cebada Gago was left behind the others in the Relay, where he fell several times, turned and remained standing, forcing the young people and the shepherds to make an effort to carry him in the direction of the square. .

At the Telefónica site, where one person was hit by a pole., one of the bulls defeated the young men on the left side of the fence, where many runners formed. Another bull fell to the ground in the driveway to the square, where there were also moments of great tension when young men arriving were found horned.

Undoubtedly, the most severe images of horse racing today were experienced in the arena of the square, where one of the bulls attacked the runners who tried to take cover in the boards, especially with one of them. In the first medical part, it is indicated that two victims of the flagpoles occurred on the square.

All these incidents led to the fact that the race, which began at great speed, stretched for more than three minutes.


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