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Today, I’m going to take you to a small town in Auvergne that you don’t necessarily want to visit, but it contains many small heritage gems. I fell in love… these are 5 places Vichy should not miss!

Did you know that although it has a dark page in French history, Vichy is definitely worth a visit? Yes, because of its fascinating legacy!

In the 1920s, it was a resort town that attracted international elites for its social and cultural life and healing springs. In fact, the water collected by Vichy is known for treating joint diseases and digestive system diseases. From this golden past, the city of spa has preserved amazing monuments. Today I will take you to try them. I was on a road trip in Auvergne last summer (The itinerary here), I actually spent a day in Vichy-under the terrible heat wave, the height of a city turned to the water.

Nevertheless, I must tell you that when I told my Frenchman that I planned to stay in Vichy during our trip, he made an interesting expression. Indeed, when you think of the Vichy regime and World War II, the historical connotation of this city will make your back chill… This will not make you shrink, it will be a terrible shame!

This is my favorite place, I definitely recommend you to visit!

What to see in Vichy?This is a necessity for my day in the hot spring town

Practical information: We arrived by car and found the paid parking lot of the day, the Célestins parking lot. This allows us to do everything on foot (even if we are very hot because the mercury temperature is about 40 degrees! Pfiou)

1. Parc des Sources, a little gem

This park extends from Sources to Opera. It is the oldest park in the city and was built in 1812. You can visit Hall des Sources, an amazing glass and cast iron building that has been modernized from the original Art Nouveau style.

This contains 5 sources of “snack”: Celestins, Lucas, Hôpital, Chomel and Grande Grille. At the tap, you can enjoy and taste the water directly! This experience is very… disturbing. The mineral-rich water is drinkable but the taste is very strong.

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