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After months of investigation, a group of lawyers and human rights experts gathered in London and concluded on Thursday, December 9 that China’s treatment of Uyghurs was genocide, which angered Beijing, and Beijing condemned it. “A political farce” based on “False testimony”.

The nine members of the “Uyghur Court” were appointed without any judicial power and were condemned by Beijing as having no “No legality”, Listened to a large number of testimonies, and checked the evidence provided by independent researchers and associations on the treatment imposed on them by the Chinese government.

exist A 63-page report, The expert concluded that there is no evidence that the Uyghur Muslim minority was massacred, but “The Elements of Intentional Genocide” However, according to the definition of the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, “Established”.

“Incarceration, torture, rape”

“The People’s Republic of China has committed genocide by implementing fertility prevention measures aimed at eliminating most Uyghurs in Xinjiang.”Experts said that they believe that Chinese President Xi Jinping and other senior managers are in “Take primary responsibility”.

According to them, the Chinese government performed hysterectomy, abortion, and forced IUD insertion on Uyghur women “Will cause the number of births to be significantly lower than in the next few years” and “Partial destruction of Uyghurs”.

Nine experts also determined that China is responsible “Beyond reasonable doubt” of “Crimes against Humanity”, Reference “Incarceration, torture, rape, sexual violence, forced sterilization and other inhumane acts”.

At least 1 million Uyghurs have been imprisoned

According to human rights organizations, at least 1 million Uighurs and other Turkish-speaking minorities, mainly Muslims, are being held in camps in Xinjiang. In addition to forced sterilization of women, China has also been accused of imposing forced labor.

After Uyghurs launched multiple deadly attacks on civilians, Beijing argued that these were vocational training centers designed to keep them away from terrorism and separatism.

“The so-called’final verdict’ of this lie machine is a political farce”, Reacted in a statement from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, accusing “Western Anti-China Forces” have “Paying lies, spreading rumors, and giving false testimony” like “A political tool to discredit China”.

“The first evidence-based public demonstration”

The United States has asserted that the treatment of Uyghurs is a problem “Genocide” It also announced a diplomatic boycott of the next Winter Olympics to be held in Beijing from February 4 to 20, 2022, together with several other Western countries. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday that Britain will join the boycott, which may further lengthen the relationship between London and Beijing.

There are many reasons for the tension between the two countries, such as Xinjiang’s respect for human rights, the decline in freedom in the former British colony of Hong Kong, and the exclusion of the Chinese giant Huawei from the UK’s 5G infrastructure.But so far, the British government has failed to label China’s treatment of Uighurs as “Genocide”, Arguing that the decision on this issue is just.

A meeting of nine experts held in London believed that their reports constituted “The first evidence-based public demonstration” Such an approach. The “Uyghur Court” is not affiliated with any government, and China refuses to participate. On the other hand, Beijing imposed sanctions on the organization and its chairman, Jeffrey Nice.

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